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Registration Charges :

₹ 5,000/- for Diabetic Person / Primary Participant
₹ 1,000/- for each accompanying IMMEDIATE family member (e.g. parents, spouse, children ONLY)

Program Details :

This inclusive of:

1) One audio conferencing session for 1.5 hours on the date given above will be in English/Hindi 

2) One individual telephonic consultation based on your latest tests. This will be done after the audio conferencing session. Tests that need to be done for this are as follows -

1 Blood Sugar -Fasting& PP

2 HbA1c

3 Lipid profile

4 Haemogram

5 Vitamin B12

6 Vitamin D3

7 Liver function Test

8 Kidney function Test with Uric acid

9 Thyroid Function Test

10 Urine Routine and Urine Microalbumin

11 Iron Study

12 Fasting Insulin

13 High Sensitivity C -Reactive Protein(CRP)

14. eGFR

3) A copy of our Manual and Recipe book. This will be couriered to you at no extra cost if in India. 

Login details :

For the audio conferencing will be emailed to you once you complete the registration and payment process.

Date and Time :

27 October 2018

8:30 pm to 10:00 pm (IST)

Contact :

+91 7776077760

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