the breakthrough

Empowering freedom

Seema Joshi | 33 | Accountant

1 year diabetic, Medicines stopped in 2 weeks

My husband says "You look 10 years younger now!"

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Unbelievable freedom

Manoj Oswal | 39 | Animal Activist

Diagnosed with BSL of 400+, Medicines stopped in 4 weeks

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Freedom from Diabetes is a transformational experience generating organization that EDUCATES, INSPIRES and SUPPORTS diabetics, across India and the world, so that they may become free of insulin and medicines naturally!

We are friends of diabetics who value:

  • Actively SHARING the scientific truth behind diabetes reversal
  • Creation of a close-knit COMMUNITY that shares, cares & supports each other
  • Co-creating the JOY of freedom from medicine and aim to live a minimum of 100 years healthy, active life

Driven by a mission that, may:

“The right education reach every diabetic on this planet, and that they may receive the right inspiration and support in their journey towards freedom”

With a long term vision to co-create a world that has:

  • Less than 10 million (1 crore) diabetics in India by 2030
    (currently its 60 million, projected to reach 100 million)
  • Less than 1 billion diabetics in the world by 2030
    (currently its 3.6 billion, projected to reach 5.5 billion)

We believe in the universal law that, "Energy follows Intention" and we have seen that in reality:

Number of diabetics becoming free of medicines / insulin…

  • 100 by end 2013 (255 participants benefited)
  • 1000 by end 2014 (3600 participants benefited)
  • 10000 by end 2015 (24000 participants benefited)
  • 100000 by end 2018 (work in progress with full power)