I am Mrs Renuka Mahajan, 59 years, retired teacher. I had attended FFD's Basic Program in 2015 but could not pursue further treatment because of job commitments. Then, after retirement, I immediately joined FFD's Intensive Treatment Program in 2018. Before starting the program, I was very obese and lethargic, could not even walk 10 up to steps, was on a huge dose of insulin of 130 units per day for 9 years....After starting the treatment 130 units of insulin was stopped in just 23 days and weight has come down from 74 kg to 59 kg that means around 15 kg. Now nobody believes I am 60 years old, I walk twice a day, can do 1-hour dance session as well and have become very positive towards life.

Many thanks to Dr Pramod Tripathi sir and Dr Ritu Tripathi Madam and the entire FFD team for their support. I have learnt a mantra from Tripathi Sir and that is not "Nothing is impossible" but it is actually "I am possible".

Hear the complete reversal story by her @ https://soundcloud.com/dr-pramod-tripathi/ep-26-freedom-from-daibetise-ep-18-12-18-renuka-mahajan

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