Namaste, myself Shweta Joshi, age 58 years, a homemaker from Nigdi, Pune.

I would like to share my story with you all as I feel it is a very interesting one and beneficial to all.  Firstly, I would like to tell that I have been a participant in the Intensive batch 26.  I got free from all my diabetes medicines successfully after joining the Intensive Program and soon started working as a mentor also.  This, I think is a big achievement for a diabetic.

Later due to some personal problems faced in my life like my mother's ill health, my own accident in which my foot was broken, I started having lot of problems.  It was becoming very difficult for me to do exercise as told by FFD.  I was unable to do staircase climbing, even squatting part in Mercola exercise was not possible.  All this had started affecting my mental health.

So, to get deeper knowledge and understanding of reversal, I decided to join TRP.

I already had knowledge about the four protocols of FFD but I must say the way I understood them at TRP is remarkable.

All my concepts got more clarity over here.  Sanjana madam gave information about all the food served in detail.  As it was cold enough at that time, I felt like having something hot.  I was served such tasty soups and teas that I could never imagine they could substitute the normal tea or coffee.

Dr. Malhar, the exercise expert taught me various stretching exercises.  These are helping me a lot as I am unable to do various exercises due to limitation of my fractured foot.

Yunus sir dealt with my mental problem beautifully. He gave me tips for mind training.

All-in-all, it was an enriching experience for me I would say.