Hi everyone. I am Hemant Jog, age 53 years from Mumbai. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and working in a private company. I was diabetic for the last 21 years. I used to take 3 tablets daily. I joined the FFD 39th Intensive batch on 17th March 2018 and started following the FFD diet and exercise from 21st March. Within 4 days my dosage of tablets was substantially reduced. After 6 days I was on 1/2 tablet for 2 times a day. And finally, after 8th day my doctor declared me AZAD PANCHI from medicine!! It was hard even for me to believe that my medicines have stopped. But it was a reality!! In this process, I lost 20 kgs weight. It felt the tremendous transformation in my personality and looks too. I am experiencing medicine-free life for the last 6 months now. I aim to clear GTT in the coming year. I sincerely thank Dr. Pramod Tripathi, my doctor, Dr. Kiran Vaswani and my mentor Mr. Nitin Godbole for the guidance provided to me.