Hello, friends I am Mahendra Kulkarni, age 50 years, working as Businessman in the field of IT. My journey started with 2 tablets to control my blood sugar and slowly I started going through the depression of rising sugars and medications. After 6 years of drudgery, fresh energy came in after joining FFD, when my medicines stopped in just 3 days.

After my reversal, everyone from my group of friends & family were astonished. I had lost an unbelievable 16 Kgs of weight in just 5 months of joining the Intensive Program of Batch 30. And I had managed to complete 24 days only taking juices. Earlier, I couldn't even walk for 30 mins at a stretch. But now, I can do a 2 hrs weight training in the morning and 1hr swimming and/ or 1hr walk & jog in the evening! I remember the time when everyone used to say that it is impossible to cure diabetes. It is a slow poison which will slowly play havoc your body.

But now, the above concept has undergone a complete 180 degree shift, not only for me but for many more. We all stand taller, stronger and happier. I strongly feel that we all have come out of our slumber and have taken rebirth with transformed energies and life. And the entire credit goes to our incredibly intelligent "GURUS", Dr Pramod Tripathi and Dr. Ritu Tripathi...

I really feel that diabetes is a blessing for me as it became a reason to meet Pramod Sir. He changed my entire perspective and life. I am really enjoying this healthy and energetic lifestyle! THANKS TO PRAMOD SIR and ALL FFDIANS!!