Hello everyone, my name is Murugesh Muttur. Diabetic since 15 years. I used to dream of being free from diabetes medicines. With this intention, I visited almost a dozen doctors and all were pretty negative about my diabetes reversal. They all said that diabetes is something, I have to live with all my life. So, somewhere at the back of my mind, even I got convinced that reversal is not possible.It is said that whatever we desire with great intentions, it does happen. And that's what happened when I met Dr Pramod Tripathi. My MEDICATIONS OF 15 LONG YEARS MIRACULOUSLY STOPPED WITHIN JUST 8 DAYS after I joined the Intensive Program of FFD. Now, whenever I go through this wonderful development... "15 years diabetes, gone in 8 days", it feels so good!


My short background... I was born in 1962, in a middle class family. I completed my graduation in Electrical Engineering in 1984, from Karnataka University. I worked with a private firm for 15 years in Mumbai. After that I started my own firm which is doing well. I am happily married and blessed with a daughter. In October 2003, the skin of my palms started peeling. So, I thought of showing it to the doctor. He prescribed me some medicines, however the peeling don't stop. As medications couldn’t cure it, the doctor prescribed me to check my blood sugar. My random blood sugar level was found to be 204. I was disturbed and thought of getting my blood checked once again. So next day I checked my fasting and PP sugars which were found to be 197 and 384. And it got confirmed that I was a diabetic. My diabetologist prescribed me Melmet 500 SR tablets twice a day.


I was depressed from inside but took this as a challenge. I followed a strict regimen of diet and exercise and my medications stopped within 2 – 3 months. I felt like a winner and remained without medications for 5 to 6 years. But then, my blood sugar levels started fluctuating, resulting in me starting with the tablets yet again and this was so disappointing. I still feel that day when the medicines were re-started. It felt a like a cut on my heart. I kept intending to become free of diabetes and switched several diabetologists. When freedom was no where in sight, I started losing hopes. However, it don't stop my search for that one doctor who will declare me a free bird. I wanted to be free from diabetes so badly that I used to search for options almost each and every day.


I think the universe heard my intention and after a few months, in February of 2018, I received one whatsapp message regarding a Basic Program of Freedom From Diabetes at Belagavi. I didn't waste any time and registered for the program. On 11th of February I attended the basic program by Dr. Pramod Tripathi. The program changed my life completely. For over 15 years I heard so many doctors saying that my diabetes is not going to be reversed and that I have to live with it till I am alive.  However, Dr. Tripathi didn't utter a single word that on these lines. Instead he assured that diabetes reversal is very much possible. I felt happy, almost jumping right then and there when I heard it from an authority with real experience. I immediately registered for the intensive program and diligently followed the pure path recommended by FFD. On 19th of February Dr Ritikanth stopped all my Medicines (within 8 days). There was a bonus, as I lost 10 kgs of weight within three months of joining the course. In September 2018, I cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test. It was like a dream come true for me and now, I feel more enthusiastic towards all aspects of my life. I am very thankful to Dr Pramod Tripathi, Dr Ritikanth , My Mentor Sanjeev Tanksali, Dr Smita, Dr Monica, Dr Nikhil, Dr Malhar and the entire FFD team.