Hello everyone, Myself Mr. Santosh Vasudev Vispute, age 52 years from Dhule. I am a teacher by profession.  My diabetes was detected when I had gone for a root canal treatment to a dentist.  My sugar at that time was 284.  Then the usual procedure happened, going to M.D. and starting of medicines for diabetes. For a few days, my sugars were controlled on medicines but later on, they started fluctuating due to various reasons like lack of exercise, not following a proper diet, etc.  All this was very disturbing for me and also I realized that I had started feeling more tired and less energetic.

Now, I started searching for different ways to improve my diabetes and one day while searching on the internet I came to know about Freedom From Diabetes.  I immediately found out about FFD Nashik doctor Dr. Vaishai Jadhav and attended her first session of IRP.  I got so convinced about the theory that I immediately paid money for IRP and started with my diabetes reversal journey.

I started following the FFD protocols and soon all my medicines started reducing.   I also developed a liking for exercise.  I have lost a good amount of 7 kg of weight also.  My waist circumference has also reduced by 2-3 inches.  I am feeling very energetic and enthusiastic now.  All my tiredness and lethargy has gone now.  I am very happy with my progress.

Thanks to Dr. Vaishali Jadhav and FFD.