1) Guava is a common tropical fruit cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. Its scientific name is Psidium guajava.

2) It is a great snack for diabetics with a low glycaemic index. It is very rich in dietary fiber (pectin – soluble fiber) that helps ease constipation (a common diabetic complaint).
Gauva is a rich source of Vitamin C and phenolic compounds hence considered as highly nutritious fruit.

3) Diabetes is responsible for the increased generation of free radicals and defective antioxidant defence systems. Oxidative stress is responsible for the progression of the diabetogenic process and the physiological effects of diabetes.

4) Therefore, antioxidant-rich foods like guava is a good dietary intervention in the management of type 2 diabetes.

5) Even the leaves of the guava tree, which are gaining popularity as a tea, have shown promise as a natural treatment for diabetes, and as a tool for preventing type 2 diabetes as well.

Glycaemic Index of Guava: 12-24 = Low (very low for fruit).
Glycaemic Load of Guava: 1.3-5 = Very Low.

According to NIN 2017, 100 grams (g) of raw guava fruit contains:
135 calories.
5.13 g of carbohydrates.
1.44 protein.
8.59 g of dietary fiber.
228.3 mg of vitamin C.

*Please Note:*1 medium-size guava is allowed.