Today, I am going to talk about our journey - mine and my husband Mr. Chanakya Dutt's.

Our biggest problem was being overweight... and being overweight affected our daily life - the way we sit, walk, behave and look. It affected Chanakya more as he was obese and was always scared that he might become diabetic due to his obesity and family history both. In our 20’s, we started having back pain, knee pain, and high blood pressure. We had subconsciously accepted the state of our physicality and limited abilities.

We both don’t have diabetes but we came to know that we need help in reducing weight when most of our blood work values came out of the desired range. Came across information about FFD through Facebook and enrolled ourselves in the Intensive Batch 54.

I weighed 65 kg in January 2020 and frankly speaking even without following the FFD protocol seriously till March end I had lost 3 Kg reaching 62 kg. Later, after getting a proper push through a call from FFD team doctor, I got highly inspired and started following proper diet and exercise, which resulted in my weight going down to 55 kg in June.

Chanakya normally weighed over 100 kg (about 103-104). He was 97 kg in January 2020 when he enrolled. He started following the protocol properly (workout + diet) from April end and now he weighs 72 kg.. a huge cut down of 25 kg. 

We both feel great now. It has transformed our lives. From small little wins (in walking, running, jumping & dancing) every day to completely changing our looks, it has been a great journey. Our life is so active now that we bought our cycles together in August and do go for daily rides after work. We work out together 6 days a week no matter what. It has also increased our productivity at work. We both feel we have a lot more energy during the day.

We are very much grateful to Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD. We also want to give a special mention and a big Thanks to Dr. Malhar, who has been instrumental in changing our lives. My husband is so highly motivated that he is a member of the FFD Athlete's Group now!

What more can we think of?