For years, I thought of myself as Pravin Sapkal, diabetic. 


Thanks to Dr. Tripathi and FFD, I’m now: Pravin Sapkal, marathoner! It wasn’t easy, but neither was it unsurmountable and if I did it you can too.

I’m a 42 years young, Senior General Manager in a Pune based Multinational Company. In 2013, a routine LIC pre-medical test revealed my diabetes. As you can expect, I was quite surprised, but I took it in my stride and for the initial 2 years, I managed my diabetes with lifestyle control and minimal exercise. However in 2015, my sugar levels started fluctuating and the doctor prescribed one more tablet to me. One year later, my sugar level started fluctuating again and I had to take yet another tablet, in the evening.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with a chronic frozen shoulder. That was my wake up call. By this time, I was already aware of Freedom from Diabetes having seen their Facebook posts and Youtube videos. in January 2020, I attended the first session of their Intensive Reversal Program (IRP), and subsequently joined IRP Batch 55.

Within just 4 days of joining IRP, I was able to stop 7 years of diabetes medicine. It was unbelievable. It strengthened my commitment and since then, I have followed the FFD protocol of diet and exercise without any deviation and my sugar levels are very much under control.

As I grew stronger and healthier, I decided to work on my identity as ‘Runner’.

FFD’s exercise protocol was highly invaluable in building my physical strength. From simple anti-gravity exercises and Theraband routines, I progressed to resistance Anti-gravity exercises (AGE), carrying 10 kg in a backpack. In time my stamina increased such that I could do AGE with 10 kg weight for 1 hr/day.

At the same time, I was also working on my running abilities. I started with a daily 30-minute run for almost 1 month. Once I could manage this with ease, in collaboration with FFD’s exercise expert, I got an Athlete Runner Plan prepared. The plan helped me dial-up my pace to 10 km/hr. Within a month, I was routinely running 21 km half-marathons.

Earlier this year, I completed my first 42 km full-marathon. It took me approximately 5 hours, even more heartening, I did it without getting exhausted.

To date, I have completed FOUR 21-km HALF marathons and ONE FULL marathon. I’m now looking forward to greater health goals and clearing the Glucose Tolerance Test by the end of the program.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Tripathi, Dr. Malhar, Dr. Karpe, and the entire FFD team for helping me on my reversal journey.