My name is Pankaj Mandke from Pune, age 63 years. I am a retired office superintendent from MES. I have been diabetic since 9 years and was taking 4 tablets of high dose medicine daily to control my sugar level. My energy was low and I was not happy with the feeling of being a diabetic. My diabetes restricted me from doing certain activities, and I used to be always under a fear that someday my doctor will prescribe me insulin.


I really didn't do a lot in terms of research to fight my diabetes as I was convinced by my doctor and his treatment. However, one day I was watching a TV program which featured Dr. Pramod Tripathi. It was a news show on reversal of diabetes. I was convinced with what Dr. Pramod Tripathi said on TV that day, and I thought to give it shot. So I contacted the FFD clinic and came to know about the Intensive batch. I thought over it and discussed the same with my family members. They asked me to try it once as this is the first doctor who says he can reverse diabetes. So I made my mind and without wasting any time, I joined the Intensive batch No.36, in the month of June 2017. At the time of my joining, my HBa1C was 7.8 and my sugar level used to go up and down always.


Intensive program was really worth it as I received all the support from the FFD team.I had made my mind that I will beat my diabetes for good and won't let it touch me again. So after joining FFD, I started drinking green smoothie three times a day and stopped all milk products completely. I started with increasing sprouts and greens in my daily diet, and followed the amazing 25% FFD formula too. I also corrected my wrong eating habits of having rice and roti both in my meals. Instead, I followed one grain at a time for lunch and dinner. I started with exercises as advised by FFD doctors, especially the step climbing and thera band exercise. These lifesaving protocols of FFD helped me to reduce my medication dose. And finally, all my medicines were stopped by the doctor within a month! Team FFD declared me free from medicines! I felt like a winner to achieve this title of freedom. My sugar levels are within limits now. My energy level and positivity have increased. My recent HBa1C is 6.2 and sugar level is well within limits.


To surprise everyone, I joined a gym for weight training. I perform Surya Namaskar and yogasana daily which are beneficial for a complete reversal of diabetes. I also enjoy some small treks. As I feel fit and steady now, I have started enjoying my life which makes me feel so happy! Thanks to Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Dr. Malhar, all the mentors and the entire FFD team. I feel proud of being a part of FFD family, which is doing great work on reversal of diabetes.