My name is Amol Bhosale, age – 43 years, presently residing at Dubai, a diabetic for 10 years.

I was on medicines and consuming 6 tablets a day. My doctor warned me that I will be put on insulin if it's not controlled by oral doses. I had tried almost all home remedies drinking karela juice, having soaked fenugreek seed with water and what not….. but no relief. Then in February 2018, I joined the FFD program, Batch 39 Intensive Reversal Program and here the miracle happened, life started changing dramatically.

 Some of the major highlights I learned, I benefited by this program are….

  1. Clearing the myth that diabetes is only controllable and not reversible which was told to us for years.
  2. Understanding the cause and facts about diabetes scientifically (mainly fasting insulin, micronutrition and role of dairy product on sugar values). 
  3. My tablets went on reducing after following the FFD protocol and I was free from tablets within 3 months.
  4. My weight reduced from 69 Kg to 57 Kgs in 4 months and I became a role model in my company for weight reduction (Photographs Enclosed)
  5. My ultrasound showed normal lever which earlier showed mild fatty liver. (Both Reports available )
  6. I passed the IGT in October 2018.
  7. The beauty of the FFD IRP program is that you follow the protocols by knowing their scientific reasons behind it which gives immense pleasure and blasting results.
  8. Even after two years, I am playing with all tricks and techniques taught in FFD program with alteration in food items and maintaining the sugar levels in control.
  9. There is no more fear of diabetes/ Increasing sugar levels now as I know the causes of it and remedies to control it.
  10. The support of the entire team was excellent, mentor, diet consultation, exercise consultation, stress consultation etc.   You have to just put the query in your group and you get suitable advice.