Hi, my name is Raju Pal, from Pune. I am 49 years old, Post Graduate in Arts (Hindi), working with the Indian Railways as a Translator. I was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure from the last 7 years (since 2011) and used to take 2 tablets daily. I never really had the time to find some other doctor for my diabetes treatment. I had this fixed concept in my mind that I have to live with my diabetes till I am alive.


But one day, one of my friends told me about FFD and its benefits. I told my friend that I will get back to him about the diabetes reversal.I continued my regular lifestyle and completely forgot about FFD, until one day. One day suddenly my sugar spiked up and I had to be rushed to the doctor. I had no clue on what had happened to me and was scared to know the doctor's feedback. My doctor told me about my sugar level and asked me to continue with the same tablets for a few more days and then, increase the dose if necessary. I sat down for a while and started thinking on how I can be free from diabetes. I remembered about my friend who had informed me about FFD. I immediately called him and took the details.  I called to check on how FFD can help me get free from my diabetes. They informed me about the foundation program. After talking to the officials, I had already made my mind to go the FFD way. So I attended the foundation program and also registered for the Intensive Program, Batch 38.


Joining FFD was my best decision. I got free from my medicines in just 8 days and it was like a dream come true for me. I have also lost 11 Kgs of weight which makes me feel more energized. My BP medications also stopped within 2 months. This program is very inspiring and has improved me in many different ways. I cleared IGT Test in September 2018. I also participated in the Bedse caves session near Kamshet, where I climbed approximately 450 steps!! I always recommend FFD to the diabetics I know. I feel happy about creating happiness in other's life too.


Dr. Pramod Sir has given a new life to me. Thank You, Sir and The Team!!!