Hello, myself Rahul Girme, age 49 years, diabetes for 12 years. I work as a Biochemistry Lab in-charge in B J Medical College, Pune.

Before joining FFD along with diabetes tablets I was also on tablets for cholesterol and had several health issues. My doctor was also about to start BP tablets. Then I came to know about FFD from a past participant and soon joined Batch 31 of FFD in March 2016. Since then my life has taken a U-turn.

The moment I joined FFD, I started following all that was taught there religiously and my medicines stopped just within 10 days of joining FFD. My total weight loss so far has been 17 kg and I am very happy to share that my cholesterol medicines, acidity medicines all have stopped. To my surprise my grade 3 fatty liver disease has normalized. BP also has reversed to normal.

Since joining FFD, I have successfully passed GTT for 5 times.

I can confidently say my overall lifestyle is changed, stamina is improved and overall I am benefitted from FFD.