Making freedom possible

Inspiring freedom

Ramesh Maheshwari | 60 | President, Bajaj Auto
Alka Maheshwari | 57 | Housewife

8 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"The scepticism in my mind made way for the logic behind the program, after the first session itself."

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Delightful freedom

Atul Shah | 66 | Management & Energy Advisor

5 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"Taking one step at a time to climb an 8 storeyed building at the age of 66 felt like an achievement for me."

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Some jaw-dropping truths that so many
of Dr. Pramod’s patients have experienced

  • 64% off all insulin/ diabetic medicines
  • 31% on less than half the dosage of diabetic medications
  • 2.4% average drop in HbA1c in diligent implementers
  • 6 to 11% weight loss in the Intensive program
  • Significant improvement in Lipid Profile

How this actually becomes possible!

A scientific natural diet that is proven to work

All the program does is take off your fuzzy glasses and spells out the diet most suited to work wonders in your body – naturally, scientifically, incredibly.

Lay your hands on some finger-lickin’ recipes you’d wish we had shared earlier.

An exercise schedule that is appropriate for you

Realms have been written about the benefits of being out and about. So activate your lifestyle and infuse it with lots of good exercise that’s perfect for you.

Get inspired to get active with some simple moves that are just right for you.

Authentic inner transformations forever

A small step can often go a long way. Break unhealthy habits for good, replace them by instilling healthy habits, and discover wonderful ways to manage stress.

Here’s a lowdown on simple meditative practices that’ll transform your energies.