the Possible

Meet Dr. Possible

Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Creator of the Freedom from Diabetes
Program, is a leading discoverer and doer in the field of
holistic health and stress management. He has inspired over
40,000 participants in 10 countries and over 140 leading
corporates to change their lives for good.

Incredible freedom

Subramanian R Sharma | 54 | Consultant
IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad

20 years diabetic, 10 years on Insulin, 4 shots a day, 52 units Insulin stopped in 5 weeks, Medicines stopped in 12 weeks Weight loss in 7 months - 29 kgs

"I don't have to worry about carrying insulin anymore"

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Wonderful freedom

Ashalata Kulkarni | 58 | Housewife

8 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"My energy levels are high even at 10 PM, as I run around my granddaughter."

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Let’s begin by debunkin’ diabetes!

Sure, your diabetes is real, your daily lifestyle of insulin and pills is nothing short of challenging and your stress levels are shooting way up. But if anyone ever told you diabetes is something you have to live with forever, it is time to let that notion fly off the window, and let some fresh air in. It is time to re-think your approach to Diabetes Management.

Say hello to lasting change by Dr. Possible

When Dr. Pramod Tripathi extensively researched upon how world-renowned specialists - Dr Neal Barnard and Dr Gabriel Cousens - had proven that Diabetes is Reversible, he was inspired to create that success for India. He integrated their powerful insights into the Indian context and crafted a one-of-a-kind program to deliver a freedom that diabetics never imagined.

Presenting Dr. Pramod’s unique Freedom from Diabetes Program

It is an integrated process that takes the pillars of the findings, paints it with critical individual attention, and adds the wonders of Group Motivation. Together, you get a picture that you have to pinch yourself to believe.

Four Pillars

Scientific natural DIET proven to work
EXERCISE that is appropriate for you
Cutting edge MEDICAL Knowledge and Support

Choose your program

Basic Program
Online Basic Program
Intensive Program
Transcendental Residential Program
Cooking Class

Basic Program

You are what you eat. And gobble. And gorge. So, we begin with
an optimal diet and add a bit of exercise to your lifestyle.
A few simple moves and your journey to freedom from diabetes begins;
touchdown in 1.5 hours.

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Online Basic Program

Don't lose your heart if you cannot physically attend our basic program. We will explain you the basic diet and exercise protocol through an audio conference and a presentation at your convenient location. Once this is done the FFD Manual will be couriered (if in India) and you will get an individual medical consultation. Thereafter, you can choose to join the year long Intensive Program for learning the advanced diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical protocol for your complete reversal, while sitting from your home, experiencing the transformative power of this process at your fingertips! If you decide to directly enrol for the Intensive Program the Online Basic program is free.

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Intensive Program

Intensive Program is a uniquely designed high end change management program to free you
from insulin and medicine through a combination of PERSONAL ATTENTION and GROUP THERAPY!
Our team of doctors and mentors are with you at every
milestone of this journey. We let you delve deep into the science and
practice through 3 powerful group sessions with special luncheons. Daily guidance by
a designated doctor totally releases your tension and worry of how to reduce insulin/medicines;
and five one-to-one consultations get all your queries solved completely. Being in touch everyday not only motivates
you but also aligns your actions through the daily group interaction on the
FFD App. Actually we educate, inspire and support you to co-create a totally new you who is free, independent,
wise and vibrant (besides being free from diabetes) through this process of 16 weeks and 1 year follow-up support.

Note: Note: Basic or Foundation Program is the first session of the Intensive Program.

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Transcendental Residential Program

Staying together with a group of diabetics, doctors, fitness experts and cooking experts in pristine nature with
the purpose to become free can be a life transformational experience. This residential program just does that!

It takes you away from the hustle bustle of daily life and puts your system into a relaxed - repairing mode
for faster freedom. The day starts early by checking your sugar levels and going through meditation,
exercises and cleansing processes that are relevant for you. Relishing the most nourishing food
according to FFD guidelines and a pre lunch demonstration session on a variety of recipes makes you
clearer and more confident of following the guidelines easily when you go back home. An evening session
of sharing with others, connecting with yourself and nature, watching relevant movies will open up your
energies. There will be concept clearing sessions on the Pure FFD Path and a variety of stress release
processes interspersed throughout the day leaving you rejuvenated, healthier and wiser within a matter of days.
If you are a Type 2 diabetic, expect significant reduction or complete stoppage of insulin/medicines during
this program as you get monitored daily and your insulin/ medicine dose is adjusted by the doctor regularly.

You will also lose weight, grow in strength, stamina, energy levels and positivity which is bound to stay
with you even after the program is over. This is our ultimate program and very special because it
not only creates a deep shift inside you physically-emotionally-spiritually ... but it also empowers you
to implement it independently.

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Cooking Class

There are very few believers when we say that a diabetics diet can be super tasty, totally sumptuous and
fully satisfying! Naturally so, as over a period of time diabetics have been put through lot of restrictions
and pretty bland food. In case you carry this belief be ready for a complete transformation once you attend
our signature FFD Cooking Class. Actually to truly understand the freedom from diabetes path, to truly enjoy
this path, to win the hearts of your family members and get them to start walking on this path it is
imperative that you attend this class whether you are our old participant or completely new to it.

This class promises to be a life changing experience as you see our team of cooking experts (who were
diabetics earlier, then became mentors and now have taken on this role) to dish out 20+ dishes in a matter
of 4 hours and discuss 50+ variations of Chutneys, Salads, Breakfast items, Meal items, Healthy Snacks, etc ....
many of them you've never ever tried before. This class is a big package deal together with the sole intention
to make you confident about this truth that the food on this path is tasty, sumptuous and satisfying.
It will ignite your creativity on healthy eating so that the entire family embraces this path. These classes
keep continuously happening in different parts of the city. So pick the one closest to you and begin
your practical journey to freedom...

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