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Diagnosed with diabetes..?

Don’t despair or be disappointed. As they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The passionate and medically proficient team at ‘Freedom From Diabetes’ is happy to help.

Driven by the mission of a diabetes-free society, FFD has till date liberated 6,000 patients from the everyday nuisance of taking insulin and tablets. Our scientifically based Diabetes Reversal Programs are designed to enable participants lead a normal, healthy life in the shortest possible time.

Whether you are a long-standing patient or someone recently diagnosed with diabetes, FFD is committed to ending your agony and inconvenience. Read more about our Programs below to start your reversal journey.


Take the first step towards a diabetes-free life

Diabetes Reversal Knowledge!

An accurate and in-depth understanding of the deeper causes of diabetes is crucial before you even begin your reversal journey. Removing the ignorance and misconceptions is most important to build trust, energy and urgency in your efforts.

The Basic Program is a 2-hour introductory session that will dispel the doubts and give you a clear picture of diabetes reversal. Relying on facts and figures, our experts will present a 360° overview of diabetes and diabetes reversal with micro-level details that create huge impact.

Key topics covered in the program include diabetes reversal i.e. stopping insulin/ medicines and still maintaining normal sugar levels; avoidance or reversal of complications (like eye, kidney and nerves) and associated ailments like hypertension, hypothyroid, obesity, PCOD/S, etc; the four protocols of freedom from diabetes with immediately actionable diet and exercise tips.

As you walk out of this workshop, you will start looking at diabetes in a different light and it will change your perception that diabetes is not life-long suffering and you can actually reverse it. You would also know how thousands have reversed diabetes and related ailments/ complications through our programs.

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The Basic Program at Your Doorstep!

Diabetes Reversal Knowledge!

It's okay if you can’t physically attend our Basic Program; no worries. We have an online module that will smartly educate you about diabetes and diabetic reversal. It is a hassle-free offering that will spare you the effort and save time.

In this virtual workshop, we will lucidly explain you through an audio conference and a presentation. Key topics covered in the program include diabetes reversal i.e. stopping insulin/ medicines and still maintaining normal sugar levels; avoidance or reversal of complications (like eye, kidney and nerves) and associated ailments like hypertension, hypothyroid, obesity, PCOD/S, etc; the four protocols of freedom from diabetes with immediately actionable diet and exercise tips.

Post conference, the FFD Manual will be couriered (if in India) and you will get an individual medical consultation.

You may then choose to join the year-long Intensive Program for learning the advanced diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical protocol for your complete reversal. Sitting in the cozy comfort of your home, you can experience the transformative power of this process at your fingertips. If you decide to directly enroll for the Intensive Program, the Online Basic program is free!

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Stop tablets & insulin; get trained to clear Glucose Tolerance Test

Diabetes Reversal in Action!

Knowing that diabetes reversal is possible, this program will make it a reality. Join the band of happy, healthy people, who not only become free of medications, but push their limits to clear Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) - the clear sign of winning over diabetes.

This program takes you through a step-by-step, systematic 4 month action learning experience followed by 8 months of support to achieve your health goals. It has a unique combination of personalized guidance and group therapy executed in a seamless manner that create a magical transformation within you and your family.

Key Program Features - Daily doctor support from day 1 for reporting sugar levels and getting your insulin/ medicine dose adjusted through the FFD App (for 1 year), 4 Group Sessions (attend online or live), minimum 5 Medical Consultations and depending on complications status and Group Chat for continuous education, inspiration and support. The 4 group sessions at monthly intervals take you through the of understanding and implementation of the four FFD protocols - diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical in a phase wise manner.

Phase 1: Adjustment

The first group session helps you to experience the finer aspects of the basic diet and exercise protocols so that your implementation back home is flawless.

Phase 2: Acceleration

Once your system is adjusted, the reversal is accelerated into an advanced gear to implement the intensive diet of juice feasting and intermittent fasting along with relevant cleansing exercises. The aim is to detoxify the body, remove the stuck up toxins of years, accelerate physiological repair at the cellular level, create deep hydration within cells for smooth movement of essential substances and train your system to burn stored fat for energy instead of relying on carbohydrates coming through food.

Phase 3: Inner Transformation

This is the pre-final phase where participants implement intensive exercise and initiate the inner transformation processes for deep physical, electromagnetic, emotional and mental shifts. This is the sublime phase, where the objective is to de-stress by releasing the pent-up negative energy, energize oneself through a scientific goal setting and implementation process that channelize your subconscious mind to achieve your so called impossible health goals. The process develops a clear sense of connection, confidence, peace and ease deep within for sustaining reversal and makes you supremely positive towards life.

Phase 4: Liberation

3 months are over and by this time more than 50% participants are freed from insulin, tablets and other medicines. At this stage, the second medical consult helps you to chart out an individualized path with our expert team of doctors, exercise experts and dieticians. Those who are free are relaxed into an easier routine and those who are yet to be free are given further direction and support to join those who have liberated themselves.

It's also the time to start planning and preparing for the ultimate test of diabetes reversal called the GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), tell the world that you are diabetes-free and start living the life of your dreams.

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Fast-track reversal; get rapid results

Diabetes Reversal in Action!

If you are looking to quickly go off medicines/insulin or have time constraints, TRP is the perfect solution. It is designed to fast track your diabetes reversal and put you in complete charge of your health! Our participants from the last 50+ batches revere this as the transformational program of their life, that has teleported them into a totally different world of possibility and healing.

Since the program experience is a transcendental one, communicating about it is beyond words. At a broad level, you will see the instant results of our four protocols; opening of your body, mind, heart and soul like never before leading to a new, vibrant you.

The daily schedule includes waking up early, checking your sugar levels, practicing different meditations, doing specialized exercises, enjoying nourishing food and juices, post-lunch culinary demo sessions on a variety of recipes, exclusive group and individual stress release processes, reporting sugar levels four times a day and getting the doses adjusted there and then, concluding the day with celebration of free birds of the day and much more...

Duration: 7 nights/8 days

Followed by daily doctor reporting for one month, three monthly medical consultations (total five) and group chat support for one year

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There are very few believers when we say that a diabetics diet can be super tasty, totally sumptuous and
fully satisfying! Naturally so, as over a period of time diabetics have been put through lot of restrictions
and pretty bland food. In case you carry this belief be ready for a complete transformation once you attend
our signature FFD Cooking Class. Actually to truly understand the freedom from diabetes path, to truly enjoy
this path, to win the hearts of your family members and get them to start walking on this path it is
imperative that you attend this class whether you are our old participant or completely new to it.

This class promises to be a life changing experience as you see our team of cooking experts (who were
diabetics earlier, then became mentors and now have taken on this role) to dish out 20+ dishes in a matter
of 4 hours and discuss 50+ variations of Chutneys, Salads, Breakfast items, Meal items, Healthy Snacks, etc ....
many of them you've never ever tried before. This class is a big package deal together with the sole intention
to make you confident about this truth that the food on this path is tasty, sumptuous and satisfying.
It will ignite your creativity on healthy eating so that the entire family embraces this path. These classes
keep continuously happening in different parts of the city. So pick the one closest to you and begin
your practical journey to freedom...

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Report your daily blood sugar levels and get guidance from a dedicated doctor