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Cancellation and Postponement Policy For Transcendental Residential Program

26th February to 04th March 2020 (Pune) Hindi

Date and Time

26th February  (Wednesday) to 04th March (Wednesday) 2020  - 7 Nights/ 8 Days

Check-in: 9 am on First Day 

Check-out: 9.30 am on Last Day



Wake up to the melodious chirping of birds; enjoy the panoramic view with rolling green hills to one side and a freshwater lake on three sides; inhale fresh air and delight in the natural beauty that surrounds you at all times. Situated just 48 km from Pune (Maharashtra, INDIA), the Hidden Oasis is spread out over a 10-acre campus and is the ideal getaway to get you into a healing mode to fast track your reversal.

Address: 256, Garade Dharan, Garade Village, off Kondhwa-Saswad Road, Pune 412301

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A) Daily Contents: Daily morning meditation, Two 1-hour exercise sessions, Morning & Afternoon Smoothie, FFD Style Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 

B) Additional Contents: Three Cooking Classes, Three Juice Feasting Days

C) Special Contents: Generic stress release session, Positivity and inner change, Training ones' subconscious mind towards ones' deeper goals, Einstein Process to shift one's perception of reality and develop wisdom and peace, Grounding exercises, Fear and doubt releasing NLP based exercises


1. ONE-MONTH FREE DAILY DOCTOR REPORTING THROUGH SPECIAL FFD APP AFTER THE PROGRAM. This is very important as many become free of medications OR are on a significantly reduced dose by the end of the program. But after going back to one's home with change in environment, your sugars may not remain stable and this daily support of FFD doctor will help you stabilize by getting the necessary medical and moral support.

2. 1 YEAR SUPPORT that will contain 4 more medical consultations at an interval of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months respectively 

3. Whatsapp group chat support

This program is designed to give a powerful TRANSCENDENTAL EXPERIENCE that will be memorable for life. It promises to shift your system physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually thus accelerating your freedom from diabetes plus related ailments (if any) and co-creating a vibrant healthy youthful being.

At the end of this program, many past participants have walked out of the venue having become free of insulin and medicines. 2-6 kgs of weight loss is common, most have experienced inch loss around their waist. They have also significantly/ completely released anxiety, anger, grief and got relief from depression. They have left much more positive, healthier, clearer and wiser from this program and we look forward to co-creating one more powerful experience with you!

Charges inclusive of: Stay, Food, Daily doctors support, One to one consultations, Cooking classes, Exercise sessions, All Group sessions
Charges do not include: Any emergency medical expense, laundry expenses
Please carry all your past medical reports 
It is recommended that you have the latest test reports of the following tests before coming to the program
If they were done in the past three months before the program you need not repeat them. But if they are older do repeat them and carry fresh reports with you 
List of Tests to be done 15 days before coming for this program:
1. Blood Sugar-Fasting & PP
2. HbA1C
3. Lipid profile 
4. Haemogram
5. Vitamin B12
6. Vitamin D3
7. Liver Function Tests 
8. Kidney Function Tests 
9. Thyroid Function Tests 
10. Urine Routine and Microalbumin
11. Iron Study
12. Fasting Insulin
13. C – Reactive Protein
14. eGFR
(Type 1 patients needs to do C-peptide - Fasting and PP in addition to all above tests) 

Please get your glucometer with adequate number of strips (4 per day of your stay). This will be monitored daily. No other pathological tests will be done

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