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Registration Charges :

₹ 24,000/- for Diabetic Person / Primary Participant
₹ 12,000/- for each accompanying IMMEDIATE family member (e.g. parents, spouse, children ONLY)

Venue :

Date and Time :



Date Time | Duration Additional Information
    PREREQUISITE-ENSURE you have attended BASIC or FOUNDATION or DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM or done a PERSONAL CONSULTATION before registering for Intensive
16th December 2018 (Sunday) 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Foundation Program. This is the first session of the Intensive Program
Before 16th December 2018 20 min FIRST Medical consultation with Doctor to discuss test results (14 tests need to be done. List will be provided)
12th January 2019(Saturday)  3 pm to 7 pm 1st Follow-up Group session with Juice Feasting
16th  February 2019(Saturday)  3 pm to 7 pm 2nd Follow-up Group session followed by special lunch
2nd March 2019(Saturday) Half Day 3rd Group session followed by special snacks and potluck
After 12 weeks 20 min SECOND Medical consultation with Doctor to discuss REPEAT test result. Doctor's reporting on APP ends at 16 weeks. Group Chat remains active for 1 year!

VERY IMPORTANT - THREE MORE MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS: From the start of the Intensive Program at the end of - 6 months, 9 months and 1 year there will be three more medical consultations with our doctor (in person or over phone) with your reports. These three medical consultations are over and above the two medical consultations already outlined above. No additional charge will be taken for these three consultations. This is to ensure that you remain supported for ONE ENTIRE YEAR and you gain full wisdom and confidence of what it means to be free from diabetes!


1. Foot Checkup - for diabetic/ primary participant

2. Retina Checkup - for diabetic/ primary participant

3. Theraband - 1 set for primary participant

4. Grocery Kit - 1 set for primary participant

5. Supporting Participants (accompanying IMMEDIATE family member e.g. parents, spouse, children) - Receive consultations, attend group sessions and participate in group chat. They benefit by losing weight; gaining strength & stamina; getting rid of OR reduction in hypertension, thyroid, other medications and getting relief from any other minor health problems

Contact :

+91 7776077760


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