As a geodetic (survey) engineer, getting roads built is what I do, but my own road to good health was another matter entirely.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002, and in the subsequent years my health deteriorated until I was a walking textbook of medical ailments: I suffered from acidity, excessive gas, insomnia, tiredness, anger, hypertension, and used to feel fatigued and sleepy most of the time. My diabetes was steadily worsening. Despite multiple medications—Metformin, Anaryl 0.5 mg, and Trajenta 5 mg—my sugar levels remained stubbornly erratic.

Then, a cousin from Pune, whose own health had improved substantially through FFD, told me about the organization and their work. But as I lived in Dubai, I wondered whether I would be able to properly participate in the program. On my cousin’s urging, I did attend the online first session of FFD’s Intensive Reversal Program (IRP). And thank goodness I did. The road ahead suddenly seemed clearer. I enrolled in the 55th IRP batch, and have never looked back.

To begin with, living so far away was no problem at all. Thanks to the online nature of the program, and the FFD app, all the help I needed, be it diet, exercise, or medical, was a click away.

As I started following the FFD protocols, my blood glucose levels began reducing, as did my medicines. Finally, on the 25th day, my doctor told me to completely stop all my diabetes medicines. I did not need them anymore! After 18 years of daily and multiple medications, I was free of diabetes medicine. And I did it in just 25 days! Unbelievable.

There was more good news to come. My weight came down by 16 kg in 6 -7 months. My waist size reduced by 4 inches. From 7.8 in February 2020, my HbA1C stabilized to a normal 6—without any medicine. Now I feel more energetic; I exercise regularly and play with my grandson.

My next milestone is clearing GTT. Then on to Chaar Dhaam Yatra in the Himalayas—when COVID restrictions finally ease. I still crave sweets, but I can handle it knowing that soon I will be able to relish them without worrying about the consequences.

All thanks to FFD's Online Intensive Reversal Program, which made it possible for a person settled in Dubai like me to become FREE FROM DIABETES!