Hi, I am Rinku Jain, age 41 years and I am Lecturer by profession. I run my own Coaching Center. I have completed MSc. Medical Biochemistry from Delhi.I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015. My HbA1C was 11.5 and fasting count was 450 in Dec 2016.I was put on insulin of 20 units twice daily and tablets almost 3 times a day.


I was 78 kg back then and was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. I always used to feel tired and irritated. My stamina was low and I could not walk even for 10 minutes without stopping. I used to feel breathless and these things led me to depression. I was not really sure on how to get rid of my diabetes and the medications but one fine day, I came to know about FFD and the details of their programs. I immediately joined the Online Basic Program (earlier called Distance Learning Program) in January 2017 after guidance from Mr. Rahul Girme.It was just a stunning surprise for me. My insulin stopped in just 3 days and medicines in the first week of February. All my reports were normal by April with HbA1C of 6.2 and 8 kg weight loss!!! 


The most important thing was that I started doing sprint by April end. My stamina had increased tremendously. I joined Aerobics and Zumba classes and was able to dance for 1 hour without getting tired. My attitude towards life became positive. I thought of joining the residential program of FFD to learn more about its benefits and for my holistic development. So in May 2018, I joined the TRP Batch 36. It was a life-transforming experience for me. After that, I did my GTT test on 27th May. My PP (post prandial) was 126 after consuming 75 gm glucose. Dr. Kiran confirmed me as "GTT Pass!!" My carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms have subsided down. My winters are relaxed. I have undergone transformation after joining the FFD team. My stamina, sugar levels, weight loss, attitude towards life and overall personality have transformed! Most importantly, the food habits that cured me have become permanent and are influencing others to change for the better. My energy levels are high, my weight is constant. It is 68 kg DOT!


My fasting sugar is 100-105 and pp levels are below 140 and HbA1C is stable on 6.4. The change in me has inspired many to follow the FFD protocol and I feel great about it. I thank Dr. Tripathi and the FFD team for all the support and guidance.


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