If there’s one word that defines me, it would have to be: foodie! Maybe it’s my Hyderabadi genes, but rice-based food is what I prefer, morning, noon, and night…and of course the famous Hyderabadi Biryani on Sundays. Even diabetes didn’t stop me. Naturally, my sugar levels were quickly getting out of control. I was frantically looking for a way to get my health back on track when I stumbled on an FFD Facebook post about diabetes reversal. I had earlier seen a review of a chartered accountant who had reversed his diabetes through FFD. Convinced, I joined the 61st Intensive batch on 21st July 2020.

Just a few days later, on 2nd August my FFD Doctor, Dr. Niyati Patel, told me to stop insulin as my BSLs had improved drastically. I had been taking around 80 units of insulin a day for the last 12 years. Twelve years of insulin stopped in just 12 days! Around three weeks later, my doctor told me to stop my tablets as well. She said, ”You are now free from diabetic medicines also". IT FELT MAGICAL! đŸ™‚

One unbelievable side benefit was my weight loss: I weighed 80 Kgs when I joined FFD; within a week's time I had lost 6.5 kg. Now my weight is stable at 73.5 kg.

FFD's Intensive Reversal Program is a Fantastic program. The guidance of their doctors, nutritionists, and physical trainers changed my life, and I pray that all the diabetics in the world get to know the same life-changing experience. It is my earnest wish to be a mentor in the IRP program and help other diabetics also achieve freedom from diabetes.