Little did I know when I had taken my wife for a minor procedure that I would come to know about my diabetes. This was around 31 years ago in 1990. The doctor insisted me to get my sugars checked after knowing about my family (both my parents have diabetes) as well as my medical history. Tests pointed to me being type 2 diabetic.

Suffered from all connected health problems due to diabetes like sleep issues, hypothyroid, heart disease, sensory neuropathy, skin problems, etc.

My cardiologist Dr. B. M. Hegde suggested to me about Freedom from Diabetes. As per his advice, started the FFD protocol strictly with effect from 4th January 2020. The results were amazing! Registered officially in IRP 57.

At one point, I had become very depressed thinking that there is no way out and I will have to deal with all the sufferings forever.

I joined FFD right in the pandemic... but no worries. The program is online and the extremely equipped FFD app kept me connected with the team assigned to my case. My FFD doctor, Dr. Nikhil Bhanagay sir adjusted my insulin and medication, prescribed exercises routines and dietary guidelines on a daily basis, and finally on 6th April (15th day) I was told to stop my insulin and on 9th April (18th day) was told to stop my medicines.. 31 years of diabetes.. gone in 18 days.

In January, I weighed 98.5 kg and now my weight is down to 75.4 kg, a clear-cut 23 kg weight loss. My HbA1c is down to 6.6 without medicine from a very high level of 8.9. I am relieved from hypertension, missing heartbeat, angina, COPD, sleep apnea, severe leg cramps on both legs, severe constipation. No stress/anxiety/anger, no fear, no worry, no grief, good strength, and stamina. The list goes on.

In short, my health condition is good, back to normal in all respects.

I am doing all exercises as per the FFD protocol. Dr. Tripathi blessed me saying that with these results I will live up to 120 yrs! Dr. Malhar said to me that I am a Rockstar and the best example of graceful aging.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Pramod Tripathi and his whole team. My journey this far would not have been possible without my wife's support either and I am very thankful to her as well. šŸ™

After stopping my medicine, I have not been given any further medicine to this date. Dietitian Gandhali is very happy with my strict diet. And the cherry on the cake, Dr. Pramod has confirmed to have me as a mentor and join the FFD family!