And I heard the golden words from Dr Pramod Tripatihi declaring my name for the "Super Special Award" in Muktotsav 2020.

What a wonderful feeling it was! A feeling of great achievement...A journey from being 30+ years diabetic to becoming free of both insulin and medicine, passing GTT to winning this award.

I am in the readymade garment business (manufacturing and export) since 1970. From what I can gather, quality and timely delivery was something that used to worry me a lot and was one of the major reasons of causing stress. In the year 1982, I was found to have BP. Later on, in 1989, I was found to have fluctuating sugars. Things were adding... Medicine for diabetes, medicine for BP.

Talking about family history, my Mother suffered with diabetes.

At one point in time, I used to take almost 6 different tablets in a day like Mixtard, Glizid MR,Clopilet .. to name a few. _By 2019, me and the whole of my family had lost all hopes of any improvement. Luckily, during this time, I came across an advertisement about FFD on Facebook. I heard a voice from inside "I should give it a try" as trying is not any harm.

I attended the Mumbai Mega Event of 22nd December 2019 and that gave me confidence and hope. I immediately enrolled in IRP batch 54.

I started following all the FFD protocols and found them to be very helpful. My insulin dosage of 10-12 units stopped just within days of joining IRP and diabetes medicines stopped 5 days later. This seemed to be quiet unreal. FFD had helped me resolve my 31 years old diabetes!

I was looked after very well by the whole FFD team, I can say. For example, when I conveyed FFD exercise expert that I have back implants, my exercise regimen was changed to light thera bands and slow yoga. Customized treatment! WOW*

Slowly and steadily I kept progressing and _finally *passed the GTT 🏆, the litmus test for a diabetic in 2020 and became the winner of "SUPER SPECIAL AWARD" 🥇. _I was explained that I have won a very difficult challenge of winning over 31 years of diabetes!_

🙏 I would like to thank my wife and family members for their support as my food was/is specially made for me every time as per FFD protocol.*

🙏🙏 A million thanks to Dr Pramod Tripathi and his FFD team.

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