Diabetes Reversal Story of Mr. Raja Now a Mentor at FFD

  • Name- Mr.Raja Rajeswara Rao
  • Age- 57 years
  • Profession- Ex-Banker
  • Place - Hyderabad

Allopathy, Homeopathy, etc...No single pathy or stream of treatment helps. Diabetes reversal or Good Health happens only with the help of a synergistic approach like FFD has!

I was a banker for 35 years. I quit banking in September 2019 and started work on setting up a creative services company along with my son and his friend.  We commenced operations in February 2021. I am an advisor to this startup and also look after its Finance and Accounts function.

My diabetes was diagnosed on 25th January 2015. I had started losing weight and had also developed some skin infections. I had no explanation for this weight loss and was concerned about the skin infection.

I consulted my uncle, a homeopathic doctor. He advised me to go for a health check-up. I did so and found to my dismay that my fasting sugar level was 277 and PP was 376. My HbA1c was 11.8. I immediately started taking the homeopathic medicines prescribed by my uncle.

None of my immediate family members had diabetes or have diabetes now. Only my paternal grandmother had been diagnosed with diabetes when she was about 55.

Though initially, I did not experience any noticeable problems barring weight loss and skin infection, I soon started feeling tired, could not sleep well, would wake up in the morning tired along with a depressive feeling and aches in different parts of my body. 

I also observed that I had started getting very irritable even over petty matters. I was never on insulin or allopathic medicines. I had not taken a single allopathic medicine for diabetes, till I joined the FFD program in January 2021.

I was never used to taking allopathic medicines and since my childhood, had always relied on homeopathic medicines for common illnesses or disorders, with very good results. So I thought I could easily overcome diabetes with homeopathy.

In the first two years, I had it under fairly good control. But soon the BSLs increased again. Yet I continued with homeopathy. Maybe because of the fairly small amounts of food that I consumed and the daily 4 - 5 km walks that I regularly had, no visible symptoms of deterioration in the body were seen.

About three years ago, I totally stopped taking medicines believing my fasting BSLs of around 180 - 190 were normal. However, I could see myself losing interest in all the things that I loved including a decent job with a leading Bank.

Diabetes Reversal Success story
                               Mr.Raja Rajeswara Rao

I quit my job in September 2019 to pursue my interests in music and books. Soon the COVID situation came up and then the lockdown. The lockdown started impacting me, in terms of stress, minimal exercise and trying out new cuisines at home, which changed everything for me.

Instead of gaining weight, I actually started losing weight and I could also see my energy levels sapping. The situation worsened for me, and in October 2020, I found my fasting BSLs ranging between 240 - 260.

I decided that it was enough. I underwent a full body checkup in the last week of October and found my HBA1C to be 10.2 and cholesterol very high. Fortunately, all other parameters were in the normal range.

I started homeopathy again and tried it for two months but there was absolutely no change in my BSLs. I then resigned to the idea of taking allopathic medicines and started looking out for good doctors for treating my diabetes.

I came to know about FFD during my search on the internet for some good Diabetes treatments to get rid of diabetes.  I also used to watch videos of Dr. B. M. Hegde and remembered in one of them he had mentioned Dr. Pramod Tripathi.

I recollected the Facebook advertisement posted by Dr. Pramod Tripathi for his Discover Reversal Session for diabetes reversal to be held on 19th December 2020 and immediately registered for the session. Dr. Pramod Tripathi's Discover Reversal Session, with a presentation on the root causes of diabetes and knowledge of FFD's Diabetes reversal protocols, was very impressive.

Following the excellent Discover Reversal Session by Dr. Tripathi, I enrolled for the Intensive Reversal Program, on 06th January 2021 and started following the protocol from 7th January 2021 onwards. I prepared myself for taking allopathic medicines for the first time.

A few days after undergoing the FFD panel tests and the consultation with the FFD doctor, I was asked to take Glycomet 500 mg. After a couple of days, I was asked to take half-tab Glycomet 250 mg and in the next few days, I was off the medicine.

I was happy that within the first few weeks, almost all my BSLs were in the green, meaning they were in the normal range and a very few of them in orange.  When my BSLs showed a small spike for a couple of days in between, I was again asked to take medicine.

But within a few days, I was asked to stop the medicine. 4th February 2021 was the last day I took medicine for diabetes and I have been off medicine since then.

I never had issues with weight though my weight was slightly more than what was recommended for my height.  After going through Phase I and 2 diet and exercise regimes, I lost about 5 kg.  However, I regained my weight during Phase 4, after starting the muscle gain diet and exercises.

Honestly, I never expected such quick results from following the FFD's Diabetes Reversal protocols. After going through the FFD protocols, I have become healthier, physically and mentally, regained muscle strength and energy levels too.

I am grateful to FFD for the change that they have brought about in me in terms of physical health and identity.  I would like to see more and more people benefit from the FFD Diabetes reversal program and will be happy to inspire, encourage and help new members in their efforts to reverse diabetes by being a mentor at FFD.

Thank you, Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD.


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