8 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"My energy levels are high even at 10 PM, as I run around my granddaughter."

I tried several Ayurvedic medicines before which had claimed to cure diabetes: they all only ended up aggravating the problem. I wasn’t sure and but gave it a try and was committed. I never liked Jowar bhakri or the green smoothie. But within 2 -3 days, my sugar levels started coming down and Dr. Tripathi started reducing the medicine. I lost 2.5 kg in the first week. This started giving me a lot of motivation to continue with the diet as I started seeing results. I was off medicines in 21 days and I had lost more than 10 kg weight in 90 days. I was off hypertension medicines in another 3 weeks.

Dr. Tripathi has completely changed my life! Not just diabetes or blood pressure, but also he has boosted my self-confidence. He is always available to answer all my queries and gives me a very patient listening. He shares new information with us every day and encourages us to try different things. The group motivation also makes us realize that we are not alone in this journey and it's a great feeling when all the participants in the program help each other.