5 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"Taking one step at a time to climb an 8 storeyed building at the age of 66 felt like an achievement for me."

It all started with a presentation about the program. I had heard about Dr. Tripathi and his initiative earlier and decided to attend the first session. At the end of it, I was completely convinced that if I had to get diabetes out of my life, this was the only way.

Frankly, it wasn’t a challenge for me. The food pattern (not regime), as I prefer calling it, was easily adaptable for me. I could feel the difference in the first week itself, which motivated me to continue with the program. My BMI lowered from 35.7 to 30 and I was sure I could bring it further down to 28. Since the time I have started following the program, I am regularly reducing half-a-kg every 2 weeks. The program is so simple that even if I travel, which is quite a bit, I can stick to it without much hassle.

People are still shocked when they see a sexagenarian reduce weight from 100kg to 85kg, especially when both my knees are replaced. My energy levels are motivating my neighbours as well. They are inquisitive about my weight loss ‘secrets’. They have a hard time believing that only a food pattern prescribed by a qualified and experienced medical practitioner like Dr. Tripathi can bring about such a transformation without any supplements.

I am genuinely grateful to Dr. Tripathi for working towards diabetes which is such a common ailment in India. At the first session, I recall Dr. Tripathi saying "You will feel as energetic as you were in college" and he is 100% correct!