4 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"I turned from being a follower to being a guide. The journey was ‘sweet’."

Positivity! That’s all that matters. It all began with my brother’s positive feedback about the program. It lit a small light of hope that my diabetes could be reversed.

For four years, I had suffered the sting of being a diabetic. But after I participated in the program, I realised that health is not merely a superficial activity. The program made me aware of the deeper aspects of healthy living. At the beginning, it was challenging as I had to change my eating habits, but as the days passed it turned into an easily manageable routine.

Today, it feels great to say that I am no more a diabetic patient. I need no medication; I just follow the healthy eating habits and the lifestyle, advised by Dr. Tripathi. Moreover, it’s highly fulfilling to guide others in similar situations along with Dr. Tripathi. I am extremely happy and proud of being a part of this great initiative.