8 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 3 weeks

"The scepticism in my mind made way for the logic behind the program, after the first session itself."

The concept of ‘freedom from diabetes’ was new to us, so we were very sceptical. But somehow managed to attend the first session and were left sweetly shocked, and a little intrigued! To add to it, Dr. Tripathi insisted that the couple attend the sessions, even if only one of them has diabetes.
Our doubts heightened, but only till the first session!

The first meeting boosted our confidence. They explained the logic and science behind the whole program. We felt that the brief conversations with the earlier batches were very encouraging. As we delved deeper, we realised that we didn’t have to make too many changes in our diet. Everything that our heart desired had a beneficial alternative.

The most unique part about the program was Dr. Tripathi’s first hand involvement in our progress. He was always just a call away, enquiring about us and the new recipes that we rustled up. His day-to-day updates and motivation inculcated a sense of achievement in us from the first week itself. Even after the program, he still has the same level of interest and is available for guidance at anytime.

In a nutshell, my diabetes was reversed, without any difficult pursuits and most importantly, I learnt some new recipes too.