5 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 1 week

"This is not magic, no quackery - it was pure logic."

I was depressed with the way my health was shaping up. My fasting had slowly crept to 122, plus BP problems. I was on Glycomet 500 mg (nightly) and Telma 20 mg - after my best efforts to my knowledge. I casually heard about this program and tried it out of desperation.

I stopped tea and milk, switched to smoothie, ditched wheat roti and within two days my FBS dropped to 90 (Thyrocare). I felt no apprehensions because I had seen people with far worse situation than mine, making this change successfully. It took me no time to understand that Diabetes Mellitus was an insulin resistance problem. I am following this program completely. I have ditched tea, dairy and refined products, moved to filtered oil, non-acidic, whole grains and I don't eat out anymore. I have lost 5 Kgs of weight. My target is to slowly cut-down further on grains and increase raw content. This will further improve my insulin-resistance and eradicate my leptin resistance. My year-end target it so bring my Hba1c numbers to sub 5.4 levels.

I see Dr. Pramod as a friend, full of optimism, positive energy which is infectious. He is a great human being, with genuine concern and care for people. He answers each and every person's questions, doubt or apprehensions. His research and knowledge on this subject is supreme, yet one can see he is always willing to learn from people around. This is a noble cause which he could have done very differently in a close fisted way yet he chose a way in which it can reach out to as many people possible.