Diagnosed with BSL of 400+, Medicines stopped in 4 weeks

Life seemed perfect till I got tested for my blood sugar at a staggering 480. Visits to typical diabetic clinics seemed worse than having diabetes itself, with the extremely restricted diet I was doled out. I had no reason to believe that diabetes can be reversed. But I had no option but to try it.

When I met Dr. Tripathi, I was very worried – for my family and my love for food. The first week only confirmed my fears, as sugar levels stayed the same. Several weeks later, they started falling. The apparently draconian restrictions in food choices opened up, I found that the choice on this side was bigger than the other side. I made a chart for entire month and in each meal we did not repeat items more than twice. My wife was very supportive too. I’d check my BS 6-8 times a day, recorded them and share them with Dr. Tripathi. I started with an HBa1c of 8.9 and now I am in the complete normal zone at 5.8 without any medicines.

Diabetes is history for me. I drink more kinds of milks than any other person I know, happily knowing that it is plant based and better than animal milk. I believe Dr. Tripathi’s down-to-earth nature and depth of knowledge are a deadly combination. And Dr Ritu is amazing with her creative kitchen ideas. I love her energy.