5 years diabetic, Medicines stopped in 12 weeks

"My life was changed in the first 2 hours, forever."

I always thought that once you have diabetes, you have it for life. There was no alternative to it. Even when my colleague told me about Dr. Tripathi’s program, I didn’t believe him at first. But when I personally met Dr. Tripathi, he burst all myths. Just one meeting, and I was already feeling pepped up.

To begin with, the diet regime was a bit difficult for me. I craved for my favourite dishes, but only for some time. As I observed the difference in my life, I was motivated to follow it even more seriously. My faith in diabetes reversal was reinforced.

The program was amazing. My weight and sugar level was completely in control within the first 2-3 weeks. I was feeling energetic and fresh throughout the day. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at my report card for cholesterol, lipids, uric acid and others. All were showing impressively low numbers.

The whole credit goes to Dr. Tripathi, a doctor, a guru, a teacher and moreover a very good friend. It is his humility that has brought him to this milestone of life and I am very grateful for all that he has done to me and fellow diabetics.