1 year diabetic, Medicines stopped in 2 weeks

My husband says "You look 10 years younger now!"

I was sceptical about the program. I was constantly thinking how only food habits and life style changes can reduce or even reverse the diabetes? Is there anyone who has actually become free from medicines? Eventually all my questions got answered. And now I am more than happy with the overall result, many thanks to Dr. Tripathi.

I am with diabetes for more than one or one and a half year. As suggested by doctor, I followed all the diet and other instructions with honest efforts, trust and with lot of positive attitude. I did feel some resistance to this change from my body as well as mind. But I continued on the path as shown by Dr. Tripathi.

I was taking 1000 mg (500 + 500) dosage and in 2 weeks, I am off the medicines. I am more positive about my life. I have received very positive energy and a different perspective to look towards the journey of my life. Its a feeling of achievement which seems to be impossible to achieve. Dr. Pramod is a person full with energy and enthusiasm. He knows what he is talking about. His statements are always backed by facts and scientific reasoning. He is the one you can definitely trust.