20 years diabetic, 10 years on Insulin, 4 shots a day, 52 units Insulin stopped in 5 weeks, Medicines stopped in 12 weeks Weight loss in 7 months - 29 kgs

"I don't have to worry about carrying insulin anymore"

I knew Diabetes was reversible. I even tried detox diets but didn't stay on it for long. When I read a paper that Dr. Tripathi shared with me, I immediately connected to it and also told my wife, who is diabetic, that this is something definitely worth trying. It was with a lot of hope that we came to Dr. Tripathi.

Travel was a challenge to begin with. Lakshmi worked out how to pack a food bag for me. I carry a few flasks of green smoothie, a stack of besan chilas and salad dressing. On day one, one of my insulins was reduced by half, five units out of a total of 52. Day two my fasting dropped by 90 points! Slowly I dropped to around 15 units total. When it was dropping by 6 units, and it happened for 2-3 days running, I actually asked Doc, if he was sure this was a right step. When I was unsure, Dr simply said, "A miracle remains a miracle only till you haven't experienced it and then when you do, it's becomes technology that can be used predictably to create more so called miracles. Enjoy the sensation, say goodbye to your insulin."

I cannot describe the freedom this has given me. I don't have to worry about carrying insulin especially when I travel and that's a big win. No insulin now! 29 kgs of weight lost in the last 7 months steadily. We've just loved every moment we get with him. I could not have imagined how much of a light touch he has. His ability to make me relax and to play and enjoy this game of freedom from diabetes is fantastic!