Why Freedom from Diabetes (FFD)?

FFD is a clear front runner of Diabetic Reversal in India, with the largest database of free diabetics across the world!

The reasons why FFD is the preferred choice of diabetics:

Stellar outcomes

A phenomenal number of diabetics – running into thousands - have gone off medicines/insulin till date.

Speedy results

Accelerated Diabetes Reversal is possible with the Intensive and Transcendental Residential Programs. Dozens of patients who were taking over 50/100 units insulin went off insulin or over 6+ tablets, just within 8 - 30 days!

Integrated approach

Our success mantra is a holistic and synergistic approach that places deep science at the core and includes appropriate diet, progressive exercise, authentic inner transformations and hi-tech medical support.

Hi-tech support with a humane touch

1-year active App support enables dynamic dose adjustment and real-time health monitoring, along with expert assistance from doctors whose passion is to make you free.

Forum support

Interaction with mentor, fellow participants, dieticians, exercise experts and stress experts gives the opportunity to voice concerns, seek advice and share personal experiences for mutual benefit.

Suitable for pre-diabetics, obese and related disorders too

Individuals with borderline BSL as well as obese people who are at risk of diabetes also benefit from our Program. Patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid and heart condition too stand to gain. They get rapid results in terms of satisfactory BSL, appreciable weight loss and a possibility to go off any other medicines they might be taking.

Tailor-made programs

Every patient is different and so are their medication, diet and exercise needs. The one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t work in this context; our Diabetes Reversal Programs strongly incorporate this thought. We work out a customized, tailor-made program for every patient considering their health history and other key parameters.