I remember vividly the day when, in my mind, I started down the slippery slope called diabetes. It was 1995, and I was posted in Indore as a Terminal Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Everything was smooth and fine until one day when I noticed I was urinating very frequently. I was also feeling very tired. I later realized that these symptoms might have gone unnoticed for a while.
I happened to share it with one of my neighbors, who happened to be diabetic. After carefully listening to my complaints, he suggested I get my Blood Sugar Level checked on his glucometer if only to rule out the possibility of diabetes. To my shock, the glucometer showed a high reading of 300, which brought me crashing down. I kept thinking,
"How come my blood sugars are so high? I have no history of diabetes on either side of my family!”

My doctor immediately put me on anti-diabetic medication and I thought it was the end of my problem. But in reality, it was just the beginning. *What followed was straight from the medical textbooks: hunger, tiredness, sleepiness, itchy skin, acidity, sleeping problems—one after another in relentless succession, leading to Insulin, BP and cholesterol medicine.
Desperate for a way out, I began searching for an authentic diabetes doctor, and stumbled across a Facebook post of Dr Pramod Tripathi about diabetes reversal. I immediately Googled him, and ended up watching several of his YouTube videos. Impressed by his knowledge and his successes, I signed up for the preliminary session of his Intensive Reversal Program, in March 2020, just as the Coronavirus pandemic was beginning to spread. As the session was online, I could participate safely from home! I subsequently joined Batch 57 of FFD’s Intensive Reversal Program.

When I joined FFD, I had been a diabetic for 24+ years, and on insulin for nearly 10 years. My HbA1c was 7.5; my weight nearly 70 kg, and my cholesterol dangerously high.

The FFD App put me in immediate contact with a team of doctors, fitness & exercise specialists, and nutrition experts. The FFD team prepared a diet plan and explained my renal diet chart. The dieticians are quite knowledgeable and were able to resolve my reservations about my dinner options to my satisfaction.

I dutifully followed all the FFD protocols, and in five months succeeded in stopping the insulin, I had been taking for 10 years! As an added reward, I also lost 10 kg weight, and my waist size reduced by a full 4 inches!

My HbA1c is now in a near-normal 5.3, and I am free of cholesterol medicine. But my journey to perfect health continues. The next milestone is to rid myself of my BP tablets.

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Dr Malhar Ganla, Dr Manisha Shah, Dr Jitendra Pawar and the entire FFD team. Their dedication and guidance and support were directly responsible for my transformation.