Laxman Katakkar
Laxman Katakkar
55, Pune, CEO
Diabetic since 2006
Free from all medication since Jan 2018
Two-time GTT Champion

No more medication, no more pain.
Reclaim your health.

FFD has helped thousands of diabetics get free of medication and the many complications that diabetes brings in its wake. Our programs do much more than reverse diabetes.
The four Protocols that drive the program will help you enjoy a definite drop in blood sugar, fat-loss, muscle gain, stabilised BP, improved heart health, higher energy levels, and overall positivity.

Through the FFD App, you will have the benefits of clinical monitoring, exercise and dietary guidance, and transformational group support.

Best of all, you can do our trusted year long Intensive Reversal Program (IRP) from wherever you are. Enrol now for the First Session to get a preview of our program and the benefits it offers.


Treat the Root Cause, Not the Symptoms

Ashiq Jivani
35, Thane, IT Professional
40+ kg weight loss in 13 months
Free from BP medicine since May 2020
Ashiq Jivani Before
Ashiq Jivani

Conventional treatment of diabetes is fundamentally symptomatic. The focus is on controlling blood sugar. This puts patients on a steadily rising reginen of medication that eventually progresses from standard Metformin to ever higher doses of insulin. Since insulin causes a steep drop in blood glucose, patients have to balance it with carbohydrate intake. The resulting increase in insulin in the blood promotes weight gain, and leads to inflammation, BP and other complications. As a result diabetes is routinely pronounced as incurable and terminal.

FFD has shown that this is simply not true.

We have proven that diabetes can be reversed, through a treatment that refocuses the approach from getting-your-sugar-under-control to attacking the underlying causes of insulin resistance.


The Four Protocols of Reversal

Inner Transformation
Inner Transformation

FFD works by switching on the body's natural healing mechanisms through scientifically validated, synergistic protocols of medical, diet, exercise, and inner transformation.
Our protocols, evolved over seven years of research and innovation, define your progress along the seven stages of diabetes reversal that mark the journey from sickness to self-sustainable good health.


Getting Better Together

Insulin Resistance Runs in Families

  • Familiy - Kaur

    Fittest Family - Total weight loss - 55kg

    Anurag Kaur
    51, Tanzania, Teacher
    Diabetic since 2007
    Free from Diabetes Medicine since Feb 2020
    24 kg weight loss in 7 months
    Cleared Glucose Tolrance Test

    Harvinder Singh - Husband
    10 kg Weight Loss in 2.5 months

    Shagun Alag - Daughter
    13 kg weight loss in 3 months

    Gagandeep Singh Alag - Son
    8 kg weight loss in 2 months

  • Shanmuganathan Murugesa

    Shanmuganathan Murugesa,
    79, Chennai, Retired from India Navy
    Diabetic since 1990
    31 years of diabetes medication stopped in 18 days
    23 kg weight loss in 10 months
    Awarded in the category of "Gracing Ageing" in Muktotsav 2020

  • Pulkit Handa

    Pulkit Handa,
    46, Gurgaon, President - YES Bank
    Diabetic since 2012
    8 years diabetes medicine stopped in 10 days
    5 years cholesterol tablets stopped in 1 month
    Cleared Glucose Tolerance Test

Our experiences over the years consistently show that patients with the best reversal rates all enjoy strong family support. Which is why we recommend that an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent) join the program and participate in the implementation process.

The causes of insulin resistance are usually present in the lifestyle of the family itself, rendering members of the family susceptible to insulin related diseases.
Thus, the family that follows the program together heals together!

Reversal Program Outcomes

FFD's treatment is customised to individual needs, and driven by proven science.
It includes appropriate diet, progressive exercise, stress-freeing techniques and high-tech medical support to
effect complete transformations, not just in blood sugar levels but other related disorders, as well.

  • A close up of a Normalised Blood Sugar Levels symbol with sky background

    Normalised Blood Sugar Levels

  • A close up of Insulin/medicine symbol with sky background

    Insulin/medicine Stoppage/reduction

  • A close up of High blood pressure Improvement symbol with sky background

    Hypertension Improvement

  • A close up of Fatty Liver Improvement symbol with sky background

    Fatty Liver Improvement

  • A close up of Reversal Of Diabetes Complications Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Retinopathy symbol with sky backgroun

    Reversal Of Diabetes Complications Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Retinopathy

  • symbol of PCOD with sky background

    PCOD Correction

  • symbol of Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Higher Fitness and Energy Levels

    Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Higher Fitness and Energy Levels

  • Yoga icon in Sky blue colour

    Confidence, Positive Outlook

The tremendous satisfaction of attaining reversal
has turned many FFD participants into powerful reversal
evangelists spreading the good news to others who are still suffering.

They Did It. You Can Too!

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  • 11000+

    Free from diabetes medications/insulin

  • 2700+

    Free from 10+ kgs weight

  • 764+

    Free from hypertension tablets

  • 1689+

    Free from cholesterol tablets

Choose To Be Healthy, Now!

Our scientifically-based Diabetes Intensive Reversal Program has helped more than 13000 diabetics across the world experience deep reversal from the comfort of their home.

Whether you are a long-standing patient or someone recently diagnosed with diabetes,
our Intensive Reversal program will set you on the path to renewed health.

But time is of the essence. Stop the daily toll diabetes extracts on your system.
Join the swelling ranks of FFD’s ex-diabetics today.


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