Dr Pramod Tripathi

“Reversal is a reality!
Be open to learn the deeper causes of diabetes, obesity, and related disorders.
Be enthusiastic to implement newer, proven ways to eat, exercise, feel, think and be.
Join as a family and experience health like never before.
Thousands have become free of medications, so can you!” - Dr. Pramod Tripathi

Our Goal: 100,000 diabetics free by 2030!

Our Values Define Us

  • Heart Care
  • Ligh Bulb
  • Star
  • Passion Fire
  • Compassionate at heart

Empowering Freedom

We believe that diabetics can live full and healthy lives, and we are here to make it happen by educating, supporting, and inspiring diabetics across the world to achieve total reversal. Our science and research based life-changing protocols have proven their effectiveness thousands of times over.

Global Reach

Participants from 30+ Countries

Global Reach

Making of FFD

Freedom From Diabetes is a culmination of Dr. Pramod Tripathi’s long and wide-ranging quest for diabetes reversal. It is a quest that has led him to study and master many, varied disciplines, including Allopathy, Ayurveda & Yoga, Art of Living, Brahma Vidya, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Pranic Healing, Reiki, and Vipassana Meditation, among many others. The distillation of his learnings forms the fundamental protocols that underpin FFD’s reversal program.

Through FFD's Holistic Transformation Program, diabetics across the world can experience not just a release from diabetes but a complete transformation in health, positivity, and emotional stability.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Founder

Dr. Pramod Tripathi


Researcher, innovator, healer, humanist,
Dr. Tripathi ranks among the most influential leaders in the field of integrated health and stress management.

Dr Pramod Tripathi with a team of experts, doctors, mentors, experts in diet, exercise, stress-release, tech-innovators, and support staff

Team FFD

FFD’s multi-faceted program is reflected in the multi-disciplinary nature of our team— a variety of experts, including doctors, mentors, experts in diet, exercise, and stress-release, tech-innovators, and support staff to ensure operational excellence.

How we do it

FFD's Holistic Transformation Program rests on three fundamental pillars:

  • Dr. Pramod Tripati in Coversation with Patients

    The Holistic Transformation Program is driven by a core of established and proven medical science, ayurveda, physiology of exercise, nutritional therapy, meditative techniques, and more.
    Through the FFD App, videos and group chats, we deliver easy to understand insights into various reversal aspects like diet, exercise, and stress resolution.

  • Group

    The information and techniques shared by our experts assure amazing results but they also call for rigorous implementation. But every case is different and accordingly requires modifications in the actual treatment.
    This is why FFD supports your implementation at every step of every phase through dedicated experts who monitor your biomarkers, and adjust medication, diet, and exercise as needed. This is complemented by our online groups, mentors, and support staff.

  • Doctor consulting patient

    The reversal success stories of our mentors, the improvements in fellow participants, the betterment in your own condition, all come together to create a powerful source of inspiration.
    The passion of your doctor, diet expert and exercise expert comes alive in the interactions and group chats, and provides a necessary inner thrust to your reversal. Above all, the collective energy of everyone involved creates a magical upliftment—difficult to describe but sublime to experience—that will inspire and propel you along your path to reversal.

FFD Research
  • Diabetic Nephropathy Reversal

    in Type 2 Diabetes

  • Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome with Plant Based Diet and Exercise

    AYUSHDHARA - An International Journal of Research in AYUSH and Allied Systems

Recognition from the World of Medicine
  • Dr Neal

    What you have done not only improves the lives of participants themselves but it also reaches out to their family and to their community members. It spreads waves throughout the countries to show what is possible and that provides inspiration not only to individuals in day-to-day life but to physicians in practice and to governments who can now set policies with more confidence about what we can do to tackle these terrible scourges that we are dealing with obesity, cardiovascular disease and particularly diabetes.

    Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, George Washington University
    President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCMR)
    Author: Reverse Diabetes diet, Your Body in Balance, The Cheese Trap, and others
  • Dr Shashank Joshi

    FFD is the brand ambassador for the International Diabetes Federation…. You are all missionaries for making India Diabetes Care Capital of the World.

    Padma Shri Dr. Shashank Joshi, MD
    Consultant Endocrinologist, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
    Head of International Diabetes Federation
  • Dr Banshi Saboo

    Freedom From Diabetes should be a National Movement.

    Dr Banshi Saboo, MD, PhD
    Chief Diabetologist & Chairman Diabetes Care & Hormone Clinic at Ahmedabad
    President of RSSDI (Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India) 2019-2020
  • Dr Chittaranan Yagnik

    My congratulations to Pramod for achieving this seemingly impossible task…

    Dr Chittaranjan Yajnik, MD, FRCP
    Director of Diabetes Unit, K.E.M. Hospital, Pune
  • Dr Deepak Dalal

    The beauty is after FFD you don't become good, better, best… you become super!

    Dr. Deepak Dalal, MD - Medicine - Endocrinology
  • Dr Jagdish Hiremath

    Dr Pramod Tripathi thinks out of the box and thinks big and that is why you see the type of revolution he is embarked on.

    President, Cardiology Society of India (Pune Chapter)