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Diabetes is not a death sentence. It is neither terminal nor permanent. Our consistently high reversal rate has demonstrated this again and again. Regardless of your current situation, your volume of medication or any accompanying complications, you can reverse your condition.

Sanjay Sinker
Sanjay Sinkar
Type-II diabetic since Aug-2001
Batch attended 2016

More than patients — many of them heavily diabetic — have successfully used FFD’s Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) to beat back the disease.

In fact, about HTP Participants consistently free of all medication.

Step by step guide to reverse your diabetes today

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Discover Reversal Session

Holistic Transformation Program (HTP)

Transcendental Residential Program (TRP)

This is the introductory 2-hour Audio-Video Webinar followed by
45-60 minutes live Q/A session.

This is the flagship FFD 1-year online reversal program with Personalized Guidance and Group Therapy implemented in a phase wise manner!

This is a 7 night, 8 day residential program. Participants need to simultaneously enrol for the year-long Holistic Transformation Program