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Intensive Reversal Program (IRP) with
Transcendental Residential Program (TRP)

Fast track reversal for time-bound participants

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Duration: 7 nights/8 days

Designed specially to fast track diabetes reversal, TRP is the perfect solution for people with time constraints who want to quickly go off medicines/insulin.

As participants in 50+ batches so far have done, you too will see fast results from our four protocols: opening of your body, mind, heart and soul, leading to a rejuvenated, healthy and positive you.


The program, which is conducted at our centres, incorporates a daily schedule of rising early, checking your sugar levels, practicing different meditations, doing specialised exercises, enjoying nourishing food and juices.

Post-lunch, you will be treated to culinary demo sessions on a variety of recipes. There are also exclusive group and individual stress release sessions to further fast-track your reversal.

Sugar levels are checked four times a day and attendant doctors adjust doses there and then.

Follow Up

For a limited period, TRP participants will enjoy automatic enrolment in the closest IRP Batch, and can thus avail all the benefits and privileges of our online, yearlong flagship program

The Transcendental Residential Program is followed by daily doctor reporting for one month.

After this, you will have five medical consultations (conducted quarterly) and group chat support for one year

A diabetes-free life is just a click away!



Will I remain free from diabetes after the program?

Yes, definitely. FFD team including doctors, mentor, dietitian, exercise expert as well as stress experts will help you in achieving your reversal and provide full 1 year support. By the end of it, you would be well versed with sustained reversal.

How much time will I have to commit?

Our IRP - TRP program is a full one year program designed systemically to take you through our Diabetes Reversal process in a step by step manner.

I have physical limitations; will I be able to do all the exercises?

Many of our participants come with physical limitations, we customise exercises to their abilities. Do not worry, our exercise experts come with many, many years of professional expertise; you're in safe hands.

Is the program tough?

No. Not at all. By understanding the program properly, you will realize that there is nothing tough about it and it is really easy to follow in day-to-day life.

How will my specific individual problems be addressed?

We come across patients with all sorts of problems on a daily basis and have treated them successfully by providing them personalized guidance! The fact is "personalized guidance" is the area where we differ from others.

I am taking heavy insulin doses daily, can I benefit?

Yes, definitely. We have several patients who are free of insulin and many whose insulin dosage has been reduced.

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  • 20th January to 27th January 2022 (Pune) HINDI/ENGLISH

    Starts 20 January 2022


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