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Want to Reverse Diabetes Naturally?
Join Our 7 Days Transcendental Residential Program

Fast track your reversal

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Duration: 7 nights / 8 days

Designed specially to fast-track diabetes reversal, Transcendental Residential Program (TRP) is the perfect solution for people who want to get a jumpstart on the reversal process. Based on participant feedback, we have found that many have called this week a life changing one. Besides getting complete clarity on reversal protocols, the sanctity of the venue and joy of meeting fellow travelers have created memories that last a lifetime!

Key benefits

Living in pristine nature amidst a team of doctors, exercise and diet experts, you can expect amongst many benefits

• A reduction in dosage or stoppage of medicine or insulin
• Inner transformation and infused positivity through a variety of stress releasing processes
• Weight loss for those who need to lose weight

This is our premium offering that not only creates a deep shift inside you physically, emotionally and spiritually, but also empowers you to implement it independently.


The Transcendental Residential Program (TRP) that is conducted at our centers, incorporates a daily schedule of rising early, checking your sugar levels, practicing different meditations, doing specialized exercises, and enjoying nourishing food & juices. Post-lunch, you will be treated to culinary demo sessions on a variety of recipes. There are also exclusive group and individual stress release sessions to further fast-track your reversal. Sugar levels are checked four times a day and attendant doctors adjust doses then and there.

How can I enroll?

Sign up for a soul enriching, life changing healing week. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and hearts. To help you sustain your freedom, we recommend that you also be a part of the Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) for a year-long guided support.



I have physical limitations; will I be able to do all the exercises?

Many of our participants come with physical limitations, we customise exercises to their abilities. Do not worry, our exercise experts come with many, many years of professional expertise; you're in safe hands.

Is the program tough?

No. Not at all. By understanding the program properly, you will realize that there is nothing tough about it and it is really easy to follow in day-to-day life.

How will my specific individual problems be addressed?

We come across patients with all sorts of problems on a daily basis and have treated them successfully by providing them personalized guidance! The fact is "personalized guidance" is the area where we differ from others.

I am taking heavy insulin doses daily, can I benefit?

Yes, definitely. We have several patients who are free of insulin and many whose insulin dosage has been reduced.

Register for Transcendental Residential Program (TRP)

  • 111th Batch Date: Tuesday 23rd July to Tuesday 30th July 2024 Language: HINDI &English. Location- 35kms from Pune.

    Register before 20-07-2024
  • 112th Batch Date: Thursday 22nd August to Thursday 29th August 2024 Language: HINDI & English. Location- 35kms from Pune.

    Register before 18-08-2024
  • 113th Batch Date: Thursday 19th September to Thursday 26th September 2024 Language: HINDI & English. Location- 35kms from Pune.

    Register before 15-09-2024