I think I am a very good and obedient patient...

Hello, myself Malathi Ramnath, age 58 years, a homemaker from Pune.

I would like to share my story with you all but in a different light. I think it is not a sad kind of story but a very happy one.

Firstly, I have got a very strong family history of diabetes from the maternal side with most of my siblings having it. This prompted me to keep checking my sugar levels from a very early age. I realized that slowly my sugars were going up and finally got confirmation of having diabetes 15 years ago. I was taking 2 tablets in a day along with 15 units of insulin. I actually never had any physical problem but still, I wanted to get out of this.

I came to know about FFD from one of my friends Hema Venkateshan in December 2017 and immediately attended the First Session of Intensive Reversal Program. Then, I joined 45 Intensive batche on 26 March 2019. The doctor appointed for me was Dr. Jeetendra Pawar. On 31st March itself, within 5 days, my insulin was stopped and on 3rd April all my medicines stopped.

I am very proud to share that I followed all that was taught in FFD right from the diet, exercise, and meditation. I do regular stair climbing, 5 days gym/yoga, one-day cardio. I am in such good control of myself that no temptation can overtake me. I think I make the best coffee that I serve daily to other family members but still can keep myself away from it.

I have become super energetic now, do not need to sleep during the day. For 4.5-5 months I am completely off medication with all my sugar levels in control.

I have reduced from size XL to XS and had to change my total wardrobe. Now I can wear all the clothes which I always dreamt of.

Thanks to FFD and Dr. Pramod Tripathi.