Often referred to as the capital of diabetes, did you know that India hosts almost 79 million of diabetic patients all over the world? And, guess what, the bad news is that it continues to go strong! As a reader of this article, what do you think could have been the reasons for this? Is it the current stressful lifestyle, bad eating habits, and least concerns towards exercise? Now that we can’t reverse our lifestyle to a primitive one, do you really think, stress at work and otherwise could be the real villain? Not really! It’s ignorance. Ignorance towards what we eat, how we live, and therefore towards our own health. Our economic and technological growth every year is coupled with exponential growth in the number of diabetics in our country. We’ve not yet touched the age part though! They say ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to diabetes. Here are some statistics, reasons and the consequences of ignorance towards mass diabetes.

India Diabetes Statistics

India is considered as the “Diabetes Capital” of the world. India is home to 79 million of diabetics with a prevalence of 8.7% among the adult population. Diabetes in India is mainly prevalent in urban dwellers with high income, high education and higher social class. India has got some whopping figures to offer when it comes to type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), even in 2015, with 69.2 million suffering from diabetes, India was nowhere lacking on the global front of diabetes. Unpleasantly outstanding, isn’t it? The figures only elevated to 79 million in 2017. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s some alarming stuff. While some reports suggest that the number is about to increase to 98 million by 2030, some suggest even worse, 134 million by 2025. Almost double, in just 8 years! Of course, not every case out of this is a result of ignorance, but most of them are, and that’s how each case of ignorance has contributed to figures that have made us the world’s diabetic capital. Let us now run through some of the important reasons of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Reasons | Type 2 Diabetes Causes

So, what’s compelling us in the vicious trap of diabetes? Of course, it’s we ourselves, with the following reasons.

1) Ignorance about the real cause of diabetes - Insulin resistance and how it can be reversed.

2) Ignorance about diet - The absence of fiber, high-fat and high-carbs in diet.

3) Ignorance about obesity - Overweightness or obesity that’s blowing out of proportion owing to ignorance how carbs are getting converted to fat, and trouble finding a sustainable strategy for burning the fat off!

4) Ignorance about right exercise - Walking as an exercise is the one promoted that does not substantially burn the sugar and fat accumulated in the body.

Type 2 Diabetes Consequences | Type 2 Diabetes Complications

Type 2 diabetes could have harmful consequences in both, the short as well as the long run. The short term complications of type 2 diabetes include hypoglycemia (which means low blood glucose) and the hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome that refers to very high blood glucose levels. Each of these conditions, in turn, has its own consequences. For instance, hypoglycemia leads to anxiety, confusion, slurred speech, sweating, rapid heartbeat, sleepiness, etc.

The long term complications of type 2 diabetes, if not treated in time, could result in impaired kidney function, cataracts and/ or retinopathy, nerve damages, and other ones such as damage to the brain, heart and blood vessels. The complications and their degrees could vary from individual to individual, and may not be limited to these.

The Way Out!

Unhealthy habits are like slow venom that creep in gradually and take control of your body. As stress and hectic routines are always deemed to be there, the only way out is to give up on bad and unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits and make a point to exercise regularly. This is generalized though. Don’t ignore diabetes symptoms. Get in touch with a diabetes specialist such as Freedom from Diabetes for diabetes reversal and expert advice in your case.


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