Hello... myself Ramadevi Penumarti, 57 years old, housewife. I want to tell you that I had diabetes for 12 long years. The last 3 years were very difficult for me as I had to be on 44 units of insulin plus medicines per day. I was in such a bad state of health that I used to feel tired, stressed and irritated all the time. While looking for treatment, I had come across the name Freedom From Diabetes but could not do anything as I was staying abroad. After coming to India one friend of mine told me how her husband was benefitted by joining FFD. This is the time when I finally made a decision to join myself to FFD and give it a try.

Very soon, means just within 10 days of joining FFD, my insulin stopped. The medicines also stopped in another 2-3 weeks. I followed the diet and exercise regime strictly as per FFD protocol keeping only one goal in my mind that "I want to become free of medicines". I had also realized that tablets were giving me other problems one of which was body pain.* All that has gone now and I am very happy. I also lost 12 kg weight loss in 6 weeks.
Everything is fine now with me according to Dr Tripathi and he says by following the same regimen of diet and exercise, I should be a completely normal person soon. Dr Tripathi also told me that freedom from excess fat and excess weight is very important as fat becomes a big hurdle in functioning of insulin.
My fight is still on as my HbA1c is 6.9. I have just begun working on my diabetes that is four months ago. According to the FFD people there will be remarkable improvement in my health over the period of another 7-8 months, i.e., when I will be nearing 1 year of treatment.
I am very much thankful to Dr Pramod Tripathi and his FFD team for all this.

Listen the complete reversal journey @ https://soundcloud.com/dr-pramod-tripathi/whatsappaudio20190607at63

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