Hello to all..! My name is Mrs Sangeeta Kishor Patil, age 47 years. I am working in Raigad ZP as Asst. Accounts Officer. I was diabetic since 2008. My sugar count was 532 when it was detected for the first time. I was hospitalised for 8 days. My diabetes was deadly and uncontrollable. My sugar level used to be controlled for time being with the help of tablets. However not for a long and resulted in an increase of drugs to control my sugar again.


Day by day my condition started getting worst. I had to take medical leave every now and then. I was taking Glycomet sr 500, Janumet 500 twice a day. My cholesterol tablet, painkillers for slip disk, acidity tablets...OHH!! My life was miserable and I used to get so so so frustrated taking 8-9 tablets per day!


I still remember in November 2017, my doctor who was a spine specialist, suggested me for surgery. I was really depressed due to my health conditions back then. One fine day in the same month of November 2017, I attended Foundation programme by Dr Pramod Tripathi at Sanpada. The first session itself changed my thinking and I started receiving positive vibes from everywhere. I could hear something from the inside of my heart that I will be fit and fine soon. I was so inspired by this programme, I immediately registered for Transcendental Residential programme TRP -28 on 16th December 2017. TRP was a 7 days program where a miracle happened.


14 test parameters were suggested by FFD to me for my further treatment process. For the first time I came to know about kidney problem because no one advised it earlier. My microalbumin was 169, Hba1c 10.8, hscrp 7. I was afraid! But Dr Nikhil from team FFD said this situation can be reversed. In TRP from the day, 1 everything started reversing with the pure and natural path. Soul, mind & body meditation, thera band, yoga, healthy diet, green smoothie, juice feasting, exercise, acupressure tapping, our sweet journey of reversal started.


I started FFD guidelines religiously and on 28th December 2017 i.e. on the 12th day, Dr. Kiran declared me as medicine free!! I was so happy to hear that sentence from Dr. Kiran. The thought of having no more tablets made my life! After 1 month I repeated 14 test. My microalbumin reduced to 10, hs-crp 0.6, Hba1c 5.6....everything was unbelievable and my slip disk problem disappeared surprisingly!!