I tried everything, but only FFD could really make it possible!

Myself Mr. Harilal Hinduja, age 70, a retired Senior Management Officer from Bank Of India, presently a Director in Sentosa Resorts Pvt Ltd, Pune. I am also a partner in Building construction.

I was detected to have diabetes in 2000. Before that in 1987 I was advised to take tablets for hypertension. In 2010, my stress-test was positive so I was advised for ANGIOGRAPHY which I did not go for as I was determined to eliminate the ailments with DIET AND EXERCISE.

Meanwhile I was prescribed tablets for BP, diabetes, heart ailment, and one medicine for urination. I consulted many Doctors, Everyone prescribed medicines.


With this aim in mind, I also did several courses like one of PATANJALI YOG-PEETH,

Advanced meditation of ART OF LIVING, RAJ YOGA MEDITATION COURSE at Brahamakumari to name a few. Meanwhile, I used to walk regularly at about 3-4 km.

In the absence of proper guidance, I started walking daily 8 to 12 km for 2 years 2018 and 2019. My health reports showed lots of improvement. All my tablets except DIABETES were stopped. Even BP became normal. Only DIABETES, every doctor said is incurable.

BUT I WAS DETERMINED. I was in search of proper guidance continuously.

Ultimately in January 2020, I saw a video of DR.PRAMOD TRIPATHI, saying DIABETES CAN BE REVERSED.

 AND my REVERSAL journey started.

 I attended Dr. Pramod Tripathi's Lecture at FFD headquarters on 1st February 2020. The same day, I paid the fees for the Intensive Reversal Program and started my Reversal Journey. On 2nd April 2020, I became diabetes medicine free. Hurray! I did it!

My happiness knew no bounds.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Mrunalini, Dr. Malhar - the exercise expert, my dietician Rhythm, my mentor Mr. Kulkarni, diet experts Jacintha, Sanjana, and Vasudha, and of course Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir.