I was diabetic since last 7 years. I tried a lot to stop my tablets. Even I learnt Panchkarma and got my diploma in Ayurveda. But all this never helped me to stop my tablets. After joining FFD course, within 3 days I stopped my tablets and passed GTT just within 2 months. I am free from diabetes now!!


My name is Santosh Mamadapure from Mumbai. My age is 43 years. My metabolic age is 34 years at this moment. That means I became 9 years younger. I am a Science graduate. After getting a job in Mantralaya in 1995, I came to Mumbai. I am prediabetic since last 10 years and diabetic since last 7 years. To control the sugar level in my blood, I was taking medicines. However, the power of medicine was increasing gradually. But to be honest, I never liked medicine. So to have more knowledge about my body and diabetes, I decided to join a diploma course for Panchkarma and Ayurveda. I cleared the diploma successfully, but I couldn't stop my diabetes tablets. My consulting doctor also told me that you have to take tablets till your last breath. The power of the tablets will also increase gradually and even you may have to take insulin after some years.


One day my wife saw an interview on TV, with Dr.Pramod Tripathi featuring and revealing secrets of diabetes. In the evening, she told me about the freedom from diabetes and insisted me to join the basic foundation course of 2 hours. After the basic session, my wife compelled me to register for the Transcendental residential program (TRP). I joined the program at Pune on 23rd June 2018. At first, after attending the basic program, I thought that diabetes reversal is possible. However, it may take long time. I was okay with the time part as I anyhow wanted to be free from my diabetes, may it be today, tomorrow or even after one year. So I was ready to wait for it. But miraculously, I become free from tablets within 3 days only!!


I simply enjoy my life from that day onwards and am still following all the FFD guidelines, regarding stress management, yoga, diet etc. I successfully passed GTT in 2 months itself. I received medal and certificate from FFD in a grand ceremony of "Muktotsav". Now I have started going to a nearby gym for building my muscles. I look very young and energetic now. My wife helped me a lot to be free from diabetes. As I got immediate and great success, I insisted all my friends who are diabetic to join FFD and be free. I reduced my weight by 8 Kg and I feel very energetic, enthusiastic and now I carry a very positive approach towards my life. I am thankful to my mother, my wife, my family and all my Gurus a special Thanks to Dr. Pramod Tripathi ji and the whole FFD team to guide me to be free from diabetes and give me a very happy, healthy and graceful young life.