20 years of my Diabetes medicines stopped in just 2 months.

Hi, My name is Prafulla Ganpule from Pune, age 74 years.
I was diabetic for the last 20 years and was taking 7 tablets a day. I am a retired Engineer. I have completed BE Mechanical and I also hold a Master of Arts degree in Sanskrit.

I used to be a Lecturer in Polytechnic, and then, during the Bangladesh War, I joined The Indian Army as a Captain. After that, I joined Kirloskar Pneumatic and worked as a manager.
I also had a business of my own.

My life was stressed due to my overall work schedule. I used to feel tired and less interested in other activities.
However, I always used to find time to attend my wife's singing programs. I would say that my life was hectic, yet smooth, as I had gotten used to it.
Attending office, working, coming back home, eating whenever and whatever, no proper schedule.

Then, around 20 years ago, came a twist in my story. I was diagnosed with Diabetes. The moment I heard the news, I was shaken to the core.
I was badly in depression and had lost the will in almost everything.


One day I saw a small Facebook post of "Freedom from Diabetes". I thought I should research more and try this out. I discussed the same with my wife, Mrs. Jyotsna Ganpule.

We found out the details of the FFD clinic and we called for an appointment. The moment we entered the clinic, I started feeling positive vibes around me.

FFD was the first clinic where I didn't feel like a patient. The clinic was so homely with staff so perfect. We received all the information we wanted.

FFD officials informed us about the Intensive program and we signed up for it immediately. My wife too joined the intensive program as a supporting member for me.

I still remember, my wife, stepped out of the FFD clinic with a big smile.😃

My treatment started immediately and, I started receiving all the needed support from FFD doctors, dietitians, Mentors, Exercise experts, and Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi too.

It was a life-changing experience for me. My 7 tablets stopped in just 2 months along with 12 kgs weight loss. Not just this, but my 15 yrs gout problem vanished, joint pains reduced up to 99%.

I feel so energetic that I think of joining the army again! Now, I am gearing up for the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and I am sure I will succeed in it!

My wife is a singer and she often has to go for performances. Even I join her with full energy and give lectures on Bhagavad Gita.

Both of us have decided to spend all our positive energies on religious and philosophical events through our performances.

We thank Freedom From Diabetes to bring these happy days into our lives.

Thank you, Dr. Pramod Tripathi and the entire team of FFD for all the support.

Diabetes Reversal Success story

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