73 years old Professor, Reversed his Diabetes with FFD

Story of Professor C S Purushothaman, 73, reversed his diabetes


Hello, myself Professor C S Purushothaman, 73 years old, from Mumbai, postgraduate rank holder of Mumbai University, Industrial Engineer and qualified packaging technologist from institutions in India and Abroad, Retired Chair Professor and Director SIES school of Packaging and Technology Centre, entrepreneur and visiting professor at the University of Mumbai, SNDT and Kerala.

To start with, I have got a pretty long history of diabetes, 20 years long. I am a patient with high blood pressure since 7 years as well as a CKD (chronic kidney failure) patient for 1 year.
I came to know about FFD through a past participant and registered myself online for the First Session of the Holistic Transformation Program in December 2018 in Mumbai, Ville Parle.
Later on, I enrolled myself in Intensive Program Batch 43 on 3rd January 2019.

I would like to share that I am now liberated and free from the demonic clutches of the "so-called lifelong deficiency called Diabetes. My medicines stopped on day 3 of the Holistic Transformation Program of February 2019 and today my readings are fasting below 100 and PP below 145.

For me, FFD deliverables are as below, all because of the "Champion of Liberty", Dr. Pramod Tripathi and his winning team -

  • Waistline down from 40 inches to 32 inches
  • Weight down from 67 kg to 53 kg, now stabilized around 54 kg
  • Ready and eager to take the GTT test

For me, he is the god "Dhanvantari in human form".

At the young age of 73, I work 7 days a week with my 3 manufacturing units, two in Mumbai and one in Jejuri Pune and my University lecture schedules at the universities on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm that too standing all the time on the stage. During the program, I was asked about my objective of doing this program. I just mentioned I want to "age gracefully".

My immediate goals that time were:

1. Freedom from medicines of diabetes, BP, and creatinine
2. To pass GTT every year till 2036
3. Graceful aging
4. Getting back to my college days physical statistics

Since I am born in the Pre-Independence era I can say that I have two freedoms..one on 15 August 1947 from British Rule and the second on 5th February 2019 freed from diabetes and medicines.

"Dr Tripathi ke bare mein jitna bolun utna kam hai"

I conclude with a statement "Long Live the Liberator and his team, Long Live the Movement, God bless us all". Loka samstha sukino bavanthu...

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