A Tale of Weight Loss and Renewed Vitality with FFD

My Journey to 24 kg Weight Loss With FFD

  • Name - Mr. Sandeep Shivaji Patil
  • Age - 42 Years Young
  • Profession - Corporate Employee
  • Place - Pune

Hello all,

I'm Sandeep Shivaji Patil from Pune.

Key Takeaways

  • Weight Loss 24-25 kg
  • Enhanced Positivity

My Weight Gain Story

My health was suffering under the strain of an unhealthy lifestyle. As my weight climbed to a high point of 107 kg, I began to feel the impact on my daily activities.

Additionally, my cholesterol levels soared to concerning heights. Recognizing the urgent need for change, I acknowledged that I had to shed the excess weight, yet I felt utterly clueless about where to begin.

How was FFD Introduced?

A college friend of mine from Bangalore recommended FFD to me.

What made me Choose FFD?

I desperately wanted to lose weight. FFD was offering hope. I enrolled myself in FFD's annual program - HTP for weight loss.

Mr. Sandeep Shivaji Patil

My Weight Loss Story

Joining FFD has undoubtedly been the most rewarding decision I've made. The remarkable results I've experienced far exceeded my expectations.

The dedicated FFD team thoroughly assessed my case and tailored a personalized plan for me. As I diligently followed their guidance, I witnessed visible improvements.

The significant weight loss of 24-25 kg alone speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the FFD program. I am thrilled with the outcome.

Not only is my TSH level now under control, but my vitamin B12 deficiency has also been promptly addressed. Shedding excess weight has instilled a newfound confidence in me, and I'm receiving numerous compliments on my transformed appearance.

Before joining FFD, I was unable to even walk a few meters due to lack of outdoor activity and exercise. Now after 5-6 months with FFD local groups, I am able to do trekking activities in nearby forts and hills.

I feel a significant change in me after joining FFD. My next goal is to focus on the exercise aspect for further fitness enhancement.

Key Quote

Thank you team FFD for showing me a path to sustainable weight loss, which is changing in my life.

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